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With a phone as surprisingly great as the Moto G Power, you likely already have one of the best cases. Still, you'll also want the best Moto G Power screen protector. This device helped to prove that you don't need to spend $1,000 on a smartphone just to get a great experience. With up to two days of battery life and the benefit of Motorola's near-stock Android experience, it's tough to find a cheap Android phone that is this great. Nonetheless, you'll still want to make sure you keep it protected from whatever your days throw at you.

ZAGG Invisibleshield G Power Cropped

World class glass: Zagg InvisibleShield Glass+

Staff pick

ZAGG makes some of the best screen protectors in the game, and there's a good reason why many continue to go with them. The InvisibleShield Glass+ offers smooth and reinforced edges, along with ZAGG's "Ion Matrix" technology to let you continue using the screen protector even if there are chips. If you shatter the Glass+, you can send it back to Zagg and get a replacement with the company's limited lifetime warranty.

$25 at Best Buy
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Keep out prying eyes: WRJ Privacy Screen Protector

Who likes it when someone is looking over your shoulder while you're using your phone? With the WRJ Privacy Screen, you won't have to worry about prying eyes, and since this is made with tempered glass, you'll get the maximum protection.

$7 at Amazon
Supershieldz Pet Film G Power Cropped

Just a film: Supershieldz High Definition Clear Shield

Tempered glass screen protectors aren't for everyone, and thankfully Supershieldz makes some great "PET" film screen protectors. Not only do you get six of these in a single pack, but they are extremely easy to install, and you don't have to worry about any screen distortion.

LK Tempered Glass Screen Protector Render

Easy install: LK Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Installing screen protectors is one of the most frustrating aspects of owning a smartphone, but LK helps make it a little bit easier. The company provides an easy align tool that is placed atop the Moto G Power, ensuring that you install the screen protector perfectly. LK also provides three tempered glass protectors in the packaging, so you'll always have a backup ready if the first one gets damaged.

$7 at Amazon
OMOTON Glass G Power Cropped

Ultra-thin: OMOTON Tempered Glass

When it comes to finding the right screen protector, the decision can be tough, but you'll always want one that is case-friendly. That's exactly what you'll get with the OMOTON Glass Protector, as it won't extend out all the way to the edge of the G Power itself. Plus, these measure in at just 0.33mm so that they won't feel like a big slab of glass being added to the front of your phone.

$9 at Amazon
Supershieldz Glass Moto G Power Cropped

Lifetime warranty: Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you plan on having your Moto G Power for a while, it'll be helpful to stock up on some extra screen protectors. This three-pack of Supersheieldz Glass Screen Protectors offers 99.99% clarity without affecting the touch feedback of the G Power. Plus, Supershieldz offers a "no-hassle" lifetime replacement warranty, so you can easily get a new one after the others have met their maker.

Janmitta Glass G Power Cropped

Solid choice: Janmitta Tempered Glass

This three-pack of screen protectors from Janmitta will get the job done if you just want a solid tempered glass protector for your G Power. Janmitta provides all the tools you need to install these screens. The edges are rounded and smooth, providing a better experience while using your phone.

$8 at Amazon
UniqueMe Glass G Power Cropped

Check the boxes: UniqueMe Tempered Glass

UniqueMe's set of tempered glass screen protectors check all the boxes you'll need when searching for screen protectors. There's an oleophobic coating to combat fingerprints and smudges; it measures in at just 0.03mm thick, while offering 99.99% transparency. And you get three of them, so if one breaks, you won't have to wait for a new package to arrive.

$8 at Amazon
PULEN Glass G Power Cropped

Prevent fingerprints: PULEN Tempered Glass

One of the biggest frustrations with screen protectors is the installation of them. With the PULEN Tempered Glass Protector, those concerns can be put to rest as the adhesive used makes for an easy installation. In addition to getting three in the pack, each protector has a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints, along with being compatible with many cases.

$8 at Amazon

Get the best Moto G Power screen protectors

There's no right answer for picking the best screen protector, but our favorite for the Moto G Power is the Zagg InvisibleShield Glass+. Zagg's been in this game for years and years and keeps coming out with improved products all the time. Plus, after you register the Glass+, you'll get access to Zagg's lifetime warranty, making it easy to get replacements for as long as you have the G Power.

If you have concerns about people looking over your shoulder while browsing or using the G Power, you'll want the WRJ Privacy Screen. This includes three screen protectors in the pack, is made from 9H tempered glass, and can be installed rather easily. WRJ also includes an oleophobic coating to reduce and combat fingerprints and smudges.

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