Best Math Apps for Kids

Why Math games is the Best

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The charm of Math games, Mathematics is that it delivers a solid all-around tool that can be used by children just learning to add all the way up through Elementary school. The app features four ways to learn; Workout, Multiplication Table, Math Tricks and Manual. Each of these sections works together to teach your child the rules of math, easy ways to solve problems, and then delivers the problems themselves.

The Workouts begin with addition and move through different functions all the way up and through finding percentages. Each concept is it's own mini-game, making it perfect for kids who need practice in order to get the processes down. Parents who are concerned about their children's progress will also find graphs that chart progression and how well each mathematical concept is being grasped.

In Multiplication tables, your child is able to both practice and test to show their knowledge of multiplication. This goes from 2 up to 12, making sure that this concept is solid. If they are having issues getting their tables down, or even with addition, then you'll want to check out the Math Tricks section.

Math Tricks shows off clever ways of getting the correct answer without confusing yourself. It shows you exactly how to find the answer, with a diagram of an equation. This is particularly helpful for students who are having issues grasping how to solve certain problems. There are tricks for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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