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The regular Galaxy S20 may not be the most expensive or technically impressive device in the S20 family, but it still stands out as a worthy flagship that gets a lot of things right. It has a blazing-fast processor, 120Hz display, capable cameras — the list goes on. A leather case is a great way to add an extra layer of sophistication and class to the phone, and these are the best ones we've found for the Galaxy S20.

Samsung Leather Cover Galaxy S20 Press

Straight from the source: Samsung Leather Cover

Staff pick

There's a reason this is the most expensive case on the entire list. It's the only leather case that's made by Samsung, meaning you can rest assured that it'll fit the S20 like a glove. The outside of the case is genuine leather, while the inside features a microfiber lining to keep your phone nice and safe. It's available in a ton of colors (black, blue, brown, red, white, and gray) and features aluminum buttons to round out the premium experience.

Vintage Bottle Green Wallet

European Nubuck leather: Snakehive Genuine Leather Wallet

Handmade in the U.K., Snakehive continually makes some of the best leather cases the market has to offer. That tradition carries over to the Galaxy S20, with Snakehive's wallet-style case being just as great as ever. Available in a myriad of colors, Snakehive gives you European Nubuck leather, all-around protection for your phone, and slots for up to three credit cards. The case also ages beautifully the longer you use it.

KEZiHOME Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Two-tone treasure: KEZiHOME Genuine Leather Wallet Case

One color is good, but two are better. KEZiHOME's leather case is offered in this fantastic two-tone finish, combining black and brown leather for an overall gorgeous design. The leather used here is legit, not to mention the case also offers a ton of functionality. You can use it as a kickstand, there's RFID blocking technology, and you can hold up to three credit cards along with some loose cash. If you ask us, that's a solid package.

$27 at Amazon
Venoro Pu Leather Case Galaxy S20

Ingenious design: Venoro PU Leather Case

If you want a leather case that stands out the most is this one from Venoro. This is PU leather, but the attention-to-detail results in it looking and feeling like the real deal. The case offers ample protection for the S20, and there's a flap on the back that opens up to reveal storage for credit or debit cards. We also love that the flap can be used as a kickstand, not to mention the three colors available to you — black, brown, and pink.

$14 at Amazon
Olixar Galaxy S20 Leather Case

The real deal: Olixar Genuine Leather Wallet Case

It's impressive just how good faux leather has gotten over the years, but if you're after the real deal, this case from Olixar is what you want. It's made out of premium genuine leather, giving the case an appearance and in-hand feel that's oh so good. You'll find three slots for storing credit cards, the case can act as a kickstand for hands-free use, and it comes with a two-year warranty. The biggest downside is that it's only available in black.

$25 at Amazon
Fyy Leather Wallet Case Galaxy S20

Store everything: FYY Leather Wallet Case

Leather and wallet cases go hand-in-hand, and if you like using your case to store as much stuff as possible, you'll want to check out the FYY Leather Wallet Case. Available in Black and Rose Gold, this case features slots for three credit cards along with a pocket for notes or cash. It packs all of this into a relatively slim form factor while also being able to act as a kickstand and giving your S20 full protection from every angle.

From $9 at Amazon
32nd Floral Series Pu Leather Case Galaxy S20 Cropped

Fantastic floral: 32nd Floral Series PU Leather Case

On its own, leather is a fantastic material for phone cases that we're happy to recommend. When you take PU leather and add a gorgeous floral pattern, things just get better. That's what you get with this case that's available in a Spring Blue and Vintage Rose Indigo pattern. In addition to the great design, the case also has a strong magnetic closure, card and cash pockets, and generous protection against daily use.

$10 at Amazon
Mavis Diary Premium Pu Leather Case Galaxy S20

Stand out: Mavis's Diary Premium PU Leather Case

Speaking of striking designs, another leather case that's worthy of your attention comes from Mavis's Diary. The intricate pattern embossed onto the PU leather looks wonderful, giving the entire case a very unique aesthetic. You'll also find plenty of functionality here, such as storage for up to three credit cards, a pocket for cash, and a kickstand function. If you're a known butterfingers, you'll appreciate the included hand strap.

$11 at Amazon
Ocase Leather Folio Flip Case Galaxy S20 Cropped

Lots of colors: OCASE Leather Folio Flip Case

If you want a leather case that can do it all, we have something that could be a perfect fit. From OCASE, this PU leather option has a strong magnetic clasp, accurate cutouts for the S20, and can store up to three cards along with a pocket for loose cash. A TPU inner case ensures that your phone is as safe as can be, with raised corners helping to protect the gorgeous 120Hz display. Adding icing to the cake are the five incredible colors available.

$19 at Amazon

Leather is a Galaxy S20's best friend

We're happy to recommend any of the cases for the Galaxy S20 on this list, including some of our favorite Galaxy S20 cases if you find that leather isn't what you're looking for. However, if we had to choose only one, our top choice would be the Samsung Leather Cover. The leather is genuine, you get a microfiber lining to cushion your S20 at all times, and the aluminum buttons are icing on the cake. Plus, those color options are something else 😍.

If you'd rather have something with a folio/wallet design, another solid choice is the Snakehive Genuine Leather Wallet. Snakehive is one of the best in the business when it comes to leather cases, offering second-to-none quality, gorgeous colors, and tons of functionality.

Alternatively, if you don't mind opting for faux leather and want something with an unforgettable appearance, the 32nd Floral Series PU Leather Case has a really cute design that will make your S20 stand out among the pack.

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