Best Headphones for Your Kano Computer Android Central 2020

With your Kano Computer, you're going to need headphones that can connect to a 3.5mm audio jack. Luckily, there are a number of great headphones that'll get the job done. Many of these headphones will give you that smooth bass sound, and if not that, they'll at least give you a sound that's clear and concise. They're also super comfortable, even after so many hours with them on.

Superior comfort: OneOdio Over-Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones

The OneOdio design is hard not to like. With it's huge, padded ear cups, you'll be able to listen to whatever you like for a long time with no issue. They're originally designed as DJ headphones, so you'll also get the most balanced sound, with high-power drivers delivering quality. Even better, you can use the wire to connect the headphones into another headphone, that can then be connected into one device. Zero splitters needed!

$30 at Amazon

Universal in every way: AILIHEN Wired Headphones

The high-quality 40mm drivers in these headphones are guaranteed to give you clear, HD sound. Its broad compatibility with its 3.5mm audio jack is also useful, as it'll allow you to use these headphones even outside out your Kano Computer. Its adjustable headband design is also a great feature, allowing both you and your child to use the product with little difficulty.

$19 at Amazon

Foldable and secure: Artix Foldable Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control

Foldable headphones can save your life, or if we're being less dramatic, some space! With Artix's headphones, you're able to store these in your backpack without having to worry you'll open them up again to find them completely destroyed. What really stands out about the Artix is that it they're able to block out ambient noise, allowing you to get the full, crisp experience of high-quality sound.

$19 at Amazon

Built to last: Edifier H650 Headphones

While the Edifier doesn't have the same bass sound that you may be looking for, that doesn't mean the sound quality isn't there. It has a high-frequency response, meaning that each note comes through crystal clear. What's more, the reinforced stainless steel headband is durable and meant to last, so damages? A thing of the past. I also can't help but mention that these headphones comes in a variety of different colors.

$25 at Amazon

Tangle free: Sony MDRZX110 ZX Stereo Headphones

With Sony's swivel-design portability, you can choose to listen to music however you want. What beautiful music that will be, thanks to Sony's 30mm drivers that prioritizes rich, high-frequency sound. The best thing about these headphones? The durable cable is made to resist snags and tangles, meaning you can pay all your attention on listening to your Kano Computer.

$15 at Amazon

The speed of light: MPOW Thor Bluetooth/Wired Headphones

These are possibly the best headphones for those who love the gaming side of their Kano Computer. The MPOW comes with a built-in mic, allowing you to jump in on the conversation whenever you like. Its 40mm sound drivers aren't anything to scoff at either. The CRS chip built inside also allows faster transmission speeds and better audio output.

$26 at Amazon

These are the absolute best headphones that you'll get for your Kano Computer without spending so much you'll be breaking the bank. But price doesn't always mean quality, and these headphones are no exception to that. They've all got their pros and cons, but if you're looking for a mix of style and great sound, you truly can't go wrong with the Edifier H650 Headphones.

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