Best Headphones for Swimmers Android Central 2020

Technology and water don't usually mix very well, but with more and more devices getting sealed and protected against water, we as consumers are reaping the benefits. While there are tons of headphones for everyday use, if you're a swimmer who likes to listen to music, a regular pair of headphones can't follow you into the pool. You'll need headphones that have a high IP rating. Here are our favorite headphones that can stay in your ears while you're swimming laps.

Best for most people: Plantonics BackBeat Fit

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With its IP57 rating, the Plantronics BackBeat Fit can withstand being in the water for 30 minutes up to a depth of 3 feet. Its 100-foot Bluetooth range should be more than enough to keep your phone playing music to the headphones from a safe, splash-free distance. The headphones' quick charge ability gives you eight hours of playback time on just a 15-minute charge, so you can jump in the pool every day and always make sure the battery is ready to play!

$99 at Amazon

Truly wireless: Jabra Elite Sport

With its truly wireless design and IP67 rating, the Jabra Elite Sport means business. With 4.5 hours of battery on the earbuds, plus an additional nine hours in the included charging case, it's easy to make sure the headphones stay charged. Not only can these headphones join you while you're swimming laps, but they also can track your heart rate and provide in-ear coaching through the Jabra app.

$184 at Amazon

Submergable storage: Sony NW-WS413LM

The Sony NW-WS413LM is wearable and highly water-resistant (up to 6 feet) 4GB MP3 player that will allow you to keep your phone at home when your swimming at the gym. With a simple drag and drop music loading process and 12 hours of playback, the Sony NW-WS413LM will last you many workouts. Plus, it's even able to go into saltwater so that you can take it to the beach!

$78 at Amazon

Best on a budget: Mpow D7

Mpow makes a lot of affordable headphones, and the Flame is its latest workout-focused pair. You'll find IPX7 sweat and water-resistance (up to three feet for 30 minutes), support for Bluetooth 4.1, rich bass, and customizable ear tips. Add that together with 7-9 hours of playback on a single charge, and you're getting a lot of bang for your buck.

$20 at Amazon

Classic headphones: H2O Surge S+

The H2O Surge S+ have a IPX8 rating, meaning they can be submerged up to 6-feet of water. With multiple tips to choose from to get the best fit, a one-year warranty, and an ergonomic design, the H2O Surge S+ stands up to the water pressure and will stick in your ears. It is a traditional pair of headphones, so you need to plug them into a 3.5mm jack, which will need to be from a waterproof source — keep that in mind.

$40 at Amazon

You need a high IP rating

You can't just bring any pair of headphones into the water, so you need to make sure the pair you purchase is explicitly designed with a high water-resistance rating. Don't try to swim with anything that has less than an IPX7 rating. It's the lowest rating that is safe to be submerged.

Rather than relying on Bluetooth from your phone (which may not be the most reliable connection while swimming), the Sony NW-WS413LM gives you the option of storing music. This eliminates the worry about getting your phone wet at the beach or the pool. You'll be able to swim your laps with confidence that your phone is safe.

If you don't swim super often and don't want to spend a ton of money on a water-resistant headphone, the Mpow D7 a great way to listen to your tunes in the water.

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