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Best Google Pixel 4a 5G Screen Protectors 2022

Now that Google has officially revealed its latest phones, you're likely to be looking for the best Pixel 4a 5G screen protectors to go along with the best 4a 5G cases. While this phone is supplanted firmly in the mid-range market, that doesn't exactly mean you're willing to part with more dough if something happens to the display. We've rounded up the best Pixel 4a 5G screen protectors you can get to protect the display, along with a few to protect the rear camera module.

These are the best screen protectors for the Pixel 4a 5G

Protect the glass with the best Pixel 4a 5G screen protectors

Some folks don't want to deal with trying to mix and match accessories, and the same is true when finding the best Pixel 4a 5G screen protectors. That's why our favorite pick is the HATOSHI Screen and Camera protector for the Pixel 4a 5G. This kit comes with two tempered glass screen protectors for the primary display, along with two more for the rear camera module. The protectors sport an oleophobic layer, preventing water, oil, and dust from causing issues while using your new phone. They also pair well with the best Pixel 4a 5G cases.

For those who would rather have additional screen protectors, and don't care too much about protecting the camera, then we would recommend the LK Tempered Glass kit. There are four total screen protectors in the box, which should last you for quite a while. Installation of these protectors will be easier than ever with the included alignment frame, so you can get the screen protector placed perfectly.

Andrew Myrick
Andrew Myrick

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