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The Galaxy Note 10 is a gorgeous sight to behold and offers a large, bezel-less display in a form factor that's easier to hold than past Notes. However, as striking as it is, the large screen, glass back, and thin metal frame likely won't hold up that well in the event of a fall. Want to ensure the Galaxy Note 10 stays looking good for years to come? Here are a few of the best Galaxy Note 10 cases we recommend checking out. We can also help you find a Galaxy Note 10 screen protector.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy Note

The only case you need: Spigen Neo Hybrid Designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Case (2019)

Staff Pick

No matter what phone we're talking about, one of our all-time favorite cases is the Spigen Neo Hybrid. The Neo Hybrid shines on the Note 10, keeping the phone safe and secure while also looking quite nice (especially in the Arctic Silver colorway shown here). It's also thin, lightweight, and is easy on the wallet.

$25 at Amazon
Ringke Fusion X case for Galaxy Note 10

Lovely hybrid: Ringke Fusion X

Ringke consistently makes excellent cases for just about every phone that comes out, and for the Note 10, its Fusion X stands out as something special. The clear case + rugged bumper hybrid is as great as ever, allowing the Note 10's design to shine through while simultaneously getting excellent protection.

$13 at Amazon
Samsung Silicone Cover for Galaxy Note 10

Colorful silicone: Samsung Silicone Cover

The most affordable first-party case that Samsung sells, the Silicone Cover gives your Galaxy Note 10 all-around coverage in a slim form factor that's easy to hold thanks to the grippy silicone material. There are a lot of available colors, with silver and blue being among our favorites.

From $5 at Amazon
Snakehive Leather Wallet for Galaxy Note 10

Leather wallet: Snakehive Leather Wallet Case

Should you be after a leather wallet case for the Note 10, you can't do better than the Snakehive Leather Wallet Case. Made out of genuine European full-grain cowhide nubuck, this premium leather case is bound to attract anyone who sees it. It can hold up to three credit cards and comes in five colors.

$38 at Amazon
Ghostek Exec Note 10 Case in Grey

Detachable wallet: Ghostek Exec

While there are certainly card slot wallets that are thinner than the Ghostek, I'm a fan of this model for three reasons: you can clip off the wallet when you don't need it and carry it like a normal money clip, the money clip also doubles as a plate for use with magnetic car mounts, and it has a distinct but sophisticated look.

$15 at Amazon
SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro case for Galaxy Note 10

360-degree protection: SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (2019 Release)

The Unicorn Beetle Pro from SUPCASE is a little expensive, but you're getting a lot for your money. Perhaps one of the most rugged Note 10 cases out there, the Beetle Pro has a trusted dual-layer impact-resistant backside, front cover with a screen protector, and a kickstand that can prop the phone up vertically and horizontally.

$20 at Amazon
Caseology Parallax case for Galaxy Note 10

Protective pattern: Caseology Parallax for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Case (2019)

Caseology's Parallax case is as rugged as it is stunning. The case first pulls you in with its geometric design and subtle accent colors, and from there, you end up staying thanks to the non-slip material, shock-absorbent frame, and relatively slim design.

Samsung S-View Flip Cover for Galaxy Note 10

Information at a glance: Samsung S-View Flip Cover

Without a doubt, the S-View Flip Cover is one of the unique cases on this list. The folio-style isn't anything new, but the S-View stands out thanks to its interactive display on the front. You can use this to accept phone calls, silence alarms, and more.

From $23 at Amazon
Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter for Galaxy Note 10

Glitter glitter everywhere: Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter

There's no denying that the Note 10 is a good-looking phone, but there's also room for a little extra pizzaz. That's where the Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter comes into play. This slim and lightweight clear case shows off the Note 10 while also adding a healthy dose of sparkles.

From $10 at Amazon
ArmadilloTek Vanguard Series for Galaxy Note 10

Durability beast: ArmadilloTek Vanguard Designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Case (2019 Release)

The ArmadilloTek Vanguard Series is one of the most durable Note 10 cases you'll find. Available in a few different colors, this case offers 360-degree full-body protection, exceeds military-grade drop tests, and there's even a kickstand on the back that works excellent in vertical or landscape modes!

From $16 at Amazon
Spigen Tough Armor for Galaxy Note 10

Handy dandy kickstand: Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Case (2019)

The Tough Armor is one of Spigen's most popular cases, and for a good reason. The Tough Armor gives the Note 10 serious protection in a seriously lightweight and slim profile. It comes in two colors (Gunmetal and Black) and features a kickstand on the back that's perfect for impromptu movie sessions.

From $13 at Amazon

These are the best Galaxy Note 10 cases

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 casesSource: Android Central

Among all of the cases here, we have to give our top recommendation as to the best Galaxy Note 10 case to the Spigen Neo Hybrid. The Neo Hybrid wins in just about every category, featuring a great design, copious durability, and coming in at a price that's tough to argue with. So if you're feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the available choices, you can just get this one, and rest assured it'll serve you well.

If you need the absolute best protection, the ArmadilloTek Vanguard Series not only meets, but also exceeds, military-grade drop tests, making it one of the most durable cases you can find for the phone. Plus, it has a kickstand on the back, which has become a must of late for me regarding phone cases. Trust me — you'll use it more than you think!

Finally, if you're all about fashion and fun, the Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter is the perfect choice to celebrate your playful spirit. Of course, it's not for everyone. But if you're into glitter and sparkles, grab this case, stat.

For something that's super-thin, if you don't find what you're looking for in this round-up, we have also put together a list of the best thin cases for the Galaxy Note 10 that might include something you like.

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