Best Thin Cases for Galaxy Note 10 in 2022

Galaxy Note 10 Plus Aura Glow
Galaxy Note 10 Plus Aura Glow (Image credit: Android Central)

Even though it was released a year ago, the Galaxy Note 10 is still a great Android phone with a stupidly fast processor, three rear cameras, and a gorgeous AMOLED display with virtually no bezel. It's an incredibly thin phone, and as such, it's perfectly complemented by a similarly thin case. If that's what you're after to protect your device so it can last you another year, here are our top picks!

If you still can't decide

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Hopefully, we've helped narrow down your shopping decision a bit, but if you still aren't sure which of these cases to buy, let's make things simple — buy the Anccer Colorful Series and call it a day.

This case keeps popping up on our case roundups whenever a new phone comes out, and for a good reason. It's stupidly thin, we love the color variety that Anccer offers, and the price is just right. When it comes to thin cases, it's one of the best out there.

If you aren't feeling that one for whatever reason, another great choice is the Spigen Liquid Air Armor. This recently became one of my favorite cases in Spigen's lineup as the profile is wonderfully slim, lightweight, and the pattern on the back benefits from good looks and offering some welcome grip.

Joe Maring

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