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Samsung's release of the Galaxy A01 wasn't surprising as more and more folks are moving to budget-minded devices. The Galaxy A01 is the perfect example of how you can get a flagship-level experience without breaking the bank. But even still, you'll want to keep your investment protected, and what better way to do so than with one of these cases!

Anccer Slim Galaxy A01 Cropped

Where's the case?: Anccer Ultra-Thin Case

Staff Pick

Want a case that's barely there? Anccer provides just that with its Ultra-Thin Case. This case is smooth to the touch while the polycarbonate protects against drops if they occur. And as for just how thick the case is, Anccer states that this adds only 0.3mm to your phone. So, you won't have to worry about your phone being weighed down.

$9 at Amazon
Ghostek Covert Galaxy A01 Render

Kick it up: Ghostek Covert

This basic slim-fit case from Ghostek won't win any awards for being too flashy, and it only comes in three color variants, but that's just fine for someone who wants a protective case. This option has a textured grip on the sides, air cushions in all four corners, and a built-in kickstand on the back.

Otterbox Commuter Lite Galaxy A01 Cropped

Tried and true: Otterbox Commuter Lite

The Otterbox Commuter Lite is a fan-favorite for those who want protection without adding too much bulk. This case sports a rubber interior for shock absorption and a hard polycarbonate shell to protect against drops. And you'll get easy access to all of the ports along with tactile button feedback.

$30 at Amazon
UAG Scout Galaxy A01 Cropped

Scout's honor: UAG Scout Series

Those looking to keep a low-profile with added protection want to check out the UAG Scout. This case provides a non-slip grip, along with soft "core" to protect against impacts that may happen in your time with the A01. And UAG ensures that your screen and camera bump will stay scratch-free with the raised bumpers around the necessary areas.

La Farah Wallet Galaxy A01 Render

Added versatility: La Farah Wallet Case

La Farah's Wallet Case aims to be as versatile as the phone it's carrying. There are three card slots available, along with a pocket found on the inner flap for any cash or notes you need to carry along with you. And if you want to sit back and enjoy some videos, you can do so easily after folding the front flap back under the phone.

$12 at Amazon
PULEN Rugged Galaxy A01 Cropped

360-degrees of protection: PULEN Rugged Cover

Instead of fumbling around with installing a case and a screen protector, and making sure that they play nicely, why not get the PULEN Rugged Cover? This all-in-one case provides 360-degrees of protection with the built-in screen protector on the front. The edges of the Rugged Cover are textured and made from TPU so that you get added protection and providing a better overall grip.

$8 at Amazon
Poetic Revolution Galaxy A01 Render

Rugged and useful: Poetic Revolution

The Poetic Revolution Case is an excellent option for those who want a solid and rugged case, while also having 360 degrees of protection thanks to the built-in screen protector. On the back of the Revolution, there is a built-in kickstand so you can prop up the Galaxy A01 when it's time to sit back and relax.

Starhemei Clear Case Galaxy A01 Render

Show it off: Starhemei Clear TPU Case

Where's the fun in getting a brand-new smartphone if you're only going to hide it in a case? The Starhemei Clear TPU Case solves that issue as this case is 100-percent clear, and you'll find increased protection on all four corners with this "gasbag" design. The raised bezels protect the screen and camera from potential scratches, so you can flip the phone face down when it's time to focus.

$6 at Amazon
Kwmobile Silicone Galaxy A01 Cropped

Don't let it slip: KWmobile Silicone Case

There's nothing wrong with wanting to use a basic silicone case with your new smartphone, especially this one from KWmobile. This case looks sleek and offers a slim design, with the silicone providing extra shock absorption. Plus, the material will help ensure that your Galaxy A01 stays in your hand and not on the ground.

$8 at Amazon
Celzen Hybrid Galaxy A01 Cropped

For the belt: CELZEN Hybrid Armor

CELZEN's Hybrid Armor case comes in three different colors and offers a rugged solution for those who are rough on their devices. There's a built-in kickstand on the back, and CELZEN includes a belt holster if you want to free up some space in your pockets.

$10 at Amazon
Wallme Glitter Cover Galaxy A01 Render

Watch the waterfall: Wallme Waterfall Glitter Cover

Finidng a case that not only looks great but is also protective can be a tough task, but thankfully that's not a problem thanks to the Wallme Waterfall Glitter Cover. This case features sparkles in the back that move around as you use your phone, and Wallme includes two screen protectors, giving you all-around coverage.

$11 at Amazon
Suordii Galaxy A01 Cropped

Put a ring on it: Suordii Mount Armor

If you don't care for PopSockets, but need a way to keep your phone in your hand, then the Suordii Mount Armor is perfect. There's a built-in ring on the back that rotates 360-degrees and can be used as a kickstand. Plus, Suordii includes a screen protector so that you get 360-degrees of protection.

$12 at Amazon

Keep the Galaxy A01 looking sleek

The Anccer Ultra-Thin Case is for those who don't want any added bulk, and just want something more protective than a skin. This case adds only 0.3mm in thickness and comes in a few different colors to pick and choose from. And you won't have to worry about mushy buttons, as the case provides tactile feedback so the buttons will get pushed when they need to be.

If you're looking for something with just a little bit more protection, then you can't go wrong with the Ghostek Covert for the Galaxy A01. This case is slim-fitting, while featuring a textured grip on the sides, ensuring that your phone stays in your hands and doesn't end up on the ground. There's even a built-in kickstand on the back when you need to prop up the A01, and the Covert is still compatible with most wireless chargers.

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