Fitbit's been struggling to make a truly stylish smartwatch since it debuted the awkward-looking Blaze in early 2016, but with the Versa, the company's finally found its footing.

The Versa is easily Fitbit's best smartwatch design yet, but if you buy the standard version, you'll only get a basic silicone watch band to go with it. It's perfectly comfortable and looks fine, but its boring aesthetic can quickly leave you longing for something more.

Whether you choose to buy another watch band directly from Fitbit or go with one of the many third-party options that are available, these are the best ones you can get right now.

Fitbit Saddle Stitch Horween Leather Band

The first two watch bands on this list are official ones from Fitbit itself, and one of my personal favorites is the Saddle Sitch Horween Leather one. Fitbit sells a number of leather bands, but Saddle Sitch is the most eye-catching with a bright brown color and stitching all along the left and right sides.

You can get the band in both Small and Large sizes, and the leather is paired perfectly with a sturdy metal clasp that feels reassuringly sturdy every time you take the Versa on or off.

The price of $49.99 might be a lot for some buyers to swallow, but this is a watch band that should last you for years of use. There's also a 45-day money-back guarantee, and since the band's made by Fitbit, you know it'll be a perfect fit for the Versa.

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Fitbit Black Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Band

Along with leather bands, Fitbit also makes a variety of metal watch bands. The one that caught my eye the most was the black stainless steel metal mesh one, and it certainly doesn't disappoint.

The metal that's used feels excellent, and unlike some third-party bands, there's not one sign of paint chipping.

This is a one-size-fits-all type of band, and while adjusting the clasp can be a tad tricky at times, the band stays securely in place once you've found the perfect fit.

Fitbit really knocked it out of the park with this band, but the $79 price tag may keep some customers at bay.

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Hooroor Milanese Loop Stainless Steel Band

If you'd like to get a metal band for your Versa but aren't ready to shell out 80 bucks for one, Hooroor has you covered. A magnetic clasp is used for holding the band in place, and not only does it feel just as secure as Fitbit's metal band, it's also a lot easier to use.

There are two sizes to choose from (Small and Large) and Hooroor has a lot of color options at hand — including black, silver, rose gold, lavender, and more.

The band is comfy to wear, and it makes the Versa look incredibly dapper when worn out to a nice dinner or formal gathering. The $12 price tag is more than reasonable, and you're also covered by a one-year warranty after your purchase.

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Partohoo Adjustable Sport Strap Band

Metal and leather bands are great for giving your Versa a sophisticated look, but if you want something simple that's a bit more casual, Partohoo's sport bands are a great choice.

Made out of rubber and available in Small and Large sizes, this band is offers a classic look with a reliable clasp that just works. There are a variety of colors to chose from, including purple, pink, blue, gray, and black, and the $9 price is awesome.

Partohoo throws in a one-year warranty with your purchase, and if you want to really build up your collection, there are three different bundles to choose from that let you get 5 bands at once for an even cheaper rate.

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Hagibis Fitbit Versa Sport Silicone Band

The silicone band that comes included with the Versa out of the box works perfectly fine on a run or at the gym, but if you want something that's a bit more striking and even more breathable, I've found the Hagibis sport band to be one of the best options currently available.

Hagibis's sport band features a number of holes all over, and along with looking cool, this design also makes it one of the best fits for when you're breaking a sweat. Add that together with a waterproof construction and secure clapse, and you've got the perfect workout companion.

You can get the band in Black/Gray, Black/Green, Dark Blue/White, and Red/Black, and the under $10 price is something I know a lot of you will be able to get behind.

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What are your top picks?

Are you rocking a fancy watch band on your Fitbit Versa that we didn't mention on this list? Drop a comment down below and let us know what your favorite finds are!

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