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Fitbit's Versa family of smartwatches is one of the best out there for fitness enthusiasts. Whether you have a Versa, Versa Lite, or Versa 2, all three of these wearables use the same proprietary watch band system. A lot of excellent first and third-party bands have been created since the original model's inception, and this is a complete collection of the best Fitbit Versa bands.

Wepro band Fitbit Versa

Can't go wrong: Wepro Band

Staff pick

Want to keep things as simple as possible? Pick up this silicone band from Wepro. The band itself is pretty basic, featuring a premium silicone material that's lightweight and sweat resistant. The stainless steel buckle is easy to use, there are small and large sizes, and a metric ton of colors to choose from.

$5 at Amazon
Kimilar Fitbit Versa band

Affordable fabric: KIMILAR Woven Fabric Band

For around the same price as what Wepro's offering, you can get the KIMILAR Woven Fabric Band. The fabric material is classier than silicone and is a nicer choice for wearing your Versa to the office or while out on the town. There are a few different colors available.

$7 at Amazon
Hapaw Stainless Steel Fitbit Versa Band

Loops for days: HAPAW Stainless Steel Band

Few things dress a watch up as nicely as a stainless steel band, and with this one from HAPAW, you can get a quality Milanese loop stainless steel band without breaking the bank. This band uses a strong magnetic locking system, comes in a few different colors, and is available in small and large sizes.

$9 at Amazon
Fitbit Kim Shui Braided Suede Bracelet band

Friendship bracelet: Kim Shui Braided Suede Bracelet

If you have deeper pockets and want something truly unique, we'd recommend taking a look at the Braided Suede Bracelet that's sold directly by Fitbit itself. This band was created in collaboration with designer Kim Shui and is meant to replicate a "modern friendship bracelet." The band is soft, comfortable, and looks incredible.

$55 at Fitbit
Fitbit Versa Woven Reflective Band

Visible in the dark: Fitbit Woven Reflective Band

Another first-party band worth checking out is the Fitbit Woven Reflective Band. Along with the premium fabric material, the real reason to get this band is the reflective strip the runs along the middle of it — allowing you to be clearly visible at night. We also love that the band is made out of recycled fiber!

Fitbit Versa Perforated Horween Leather  band

Genuine leather: Fitbit Perforated Horween Leather

If leather is more your thing, Fitbit has you covered with its Perforated Horween Leather band. Made from genuine Horween leather and available in Moss Suede and Charcoal, this watch band justifies its high price with a premium look and feel. The perforated design also does a great job allowing your wrist to breathe throughout the day.

$35 at Fitbit
Fitbit Versa Sport Band

Perfect for the gym: Fitbit Sport Band

Do you take your Versa to the gym a lot? If so, the Fitbit Sport Band should be right up your alley. It's made out of durable yet breathable silicone that feels soft on the wrist. This waterproof band is available in a variety of colors and features a perforated design that aims to keep your wrist cool during even the most intense workouts.

$30 at Fitbit
Hapaw Nylon Fitbit Versa Band

Sporty nylon: HAPAW Nylon Sport Band

Sporty watch bands are usually made out of silicone, but that's not always the case. This band from HAPAW is designed for sport, but it features a sturdy nylon construction. The band is soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear. It's also easily adjustable and comes in a bunch of colors — including the stunning aqua shown here.

$11 at Amazon
REEYEAR floral silicone Fitbit Versa band

Floral designs: REEYEAR Printed Floral Band

Do you want to spruce up the look of your Fitbit Versa? Look no further than the REEYEAR Printed Floral Band. The band itself is a typical silicone sport band, but it stands out thanks to the wide array of floral patterns that are available for it. From the black and pink design pictured here to a lovely sunflower design, there are plenty of options.

$8 at Amazon
Mosstek Genuine Leather Fitbit Versa band

Stay classy: Mosstek Genuine Leather Band

Want to dress up your Fitbit Versa with a leather band that's reasonably priced? This option from Mosstek will do the trick. There are many colors to choose from, including brown, black, burgundy, and more. The soft genuine leather is made of hypoallergenic material and a durable stainless steel buckle. You can stay classy without breaking the bank.

$12 at Amazon

Best Fitbit Versa bands If we had to choose

Fitbit Versa 2Source: Android Central

If you're having trouble choosing the best Fitbit Versa band for your smartwatch, we don't blame you. There are a lot of great options out there, but we think the best choice for most people is the Wepro Band. This is essentially a more affordable version of the band that comes with the Versa out of the box, the silicone material is comfortable to wear, and the variety of colors you have to choose from allows you to find something that fits your personal style/taste just right.

We also really like the HAPAW Stainless Steel Band. The stainless steel construction looks and feels fantastic and dresses the Versa up perfectly for a fancy date night. Plus, we think most people will like the low price tag that comes with it.

Then again, if you have a more flexible budget, the Kim Shui Braided Suede Bracelet is more than worth a look. While it's quite expensive, the band has an incredibly unique design, is extremely comfortable, and is built for all-day wear. There really isn't anything else quite like it.

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