Best earbuds for gaming 2024

Earbuds have one big advantage over headphones, which is they're a lot smaller and easier to take with you wherever you go. Their more nimble design may also help when space is limited, or you need to integrate them into a broader gaming setup, like virtual reality (VR), for instance.

Gaming earbuds now come in various forms, both wired and wireless, and are built to handle the demands of even the most demanding gamers, be it reduced latency, comfort, and immersive sound quality. It doesn't matter if you have PC, console, VR, or mobile gaming in mind — these earbuds can keep you in the game.

Here are the earbuds worth playing with

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Earbuds can play the game, too

The thing about wireless earbuds is that they come in so many shapes, sizes, variants, and even distinct feature sets. That's not to say the earbuds on this list serve only one purpose, but they're all designed with the intricacies of gaming in mind, and that's a big deal. Hence, the Razer Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed — which also have PlayStation and Xbox versions — are an ideal place to start for most gamers. They're versatile in their compatibility and easy to set up and use.

The Sony InZone Buds follow a similar path, albeit more linearly focused on Sony's own products. These earbuds have helped raise the benchmark for everyone just by how good the sound and noise cancelation proves to be when you're playing games with them.

Plus, headphone jacks aren't dead quite yet; some Android phones still cling to them, including those with some focus on mobile gaming. Game controllers still use them all the time as well, but they won't interfere with Bluetooth connections when you've paired wireless earbuds with a phone, tablet, computer, or console.

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