If you're currently subscribed to T-Mobile or looking to switch to the Un-carrier, these are the deals to watch out for.

T-Mobile's been disrupting the wireless industry in the United States for years now, and a result of this has been big savings for the Un-carrier's subscribers. T-Mobile often runs all sorts of deals and promotions at any given time, and these are the absolute best ones that you should keep your eye on.

Buy one flagship phone and get another for free

Since we're still in the early stages of 2018, we're a ways off before we can actually start buying phones like the Galaxy S9, LG G7, and Pixel 3. However, if you don't have to have the latest and greatest, now's a great time to score some solid deals on last year's flagships.

Right now at T-Mobile, buying one flagship phone from 2017 will let you get another one at absolutely no extra cost. Eligible devices include the Galaxy S8, LG G6, and LG V30/V30+, and when you purchase a Galaxy S8+, S8 Active, or Note 8, you can still get up to $750 back.

New and existing customers can get in on this deal, but you will need to trade in your current device, port over a number, and purchase the phones on monthly installment plans. Once you do this, T-Mobile will credit you for the second phone after a mail-in rebate.

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Get $150 back on Samsung and LG phones

Samsung and LG are two of the top smartphone brands in the U.S., and while the hardware each company kicks out is great, you often have to pay a pretty penny in order to have the privilege of using it. T-Mobile understands the struggle, and it's here to help.

Whether you're a new or existing customer, you can score a $150 rebate when buyin a Galaxy S8/S8+, S8 Active, Note 8, LG G6, and V30/V30+. You'll need to buy the phone via monthly installment plans and trade-in your current phone, but don't forget that you'll get the value of your trade-in in addition to the extra $150. Not bad at all.

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Galaxy S8 and Pixel 2 join #GetOutoftheRed

T-Mobile's been running its #GetOutoftheRed promotion for some time now as an effort to get as many Verizon customers to switch over to the Un-Carrier as possible, and there are now even more phones being added that T-Mobile will pay off.

If you own a Galaxy S8/S8+, Pixel 2/2 XL, or other supported devices, T-Mobile will pay off the remaining amount on them that you owe to Verizon when you switch and sign up for either T-Mobile ONE Plus or ONE Plus International.

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More than $200 off Nest Secure and Nest Cam Indoor

In November, T-Mobile announced that it would be partnering with Nest as the exclusive cellular backup provider for its Nest Secure service. As part of this partnership, T-Mobile customers can purchase the Nest Secure home security system and Nest Cam Indoor security camera for just $480 – a package that would normally set you back $698.

You will need to subscribe to the T-Mobile Nest plan in order to take advantage of this, but after a $5/month credit on your bill, you can get it for just $10/month. With the Nest plan, you get access to both Nest Aware and T-Mobile's cellular backup service.

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Updated 1/10/18 – Removed LG V30 BOGO, Moto Z2 Force deal, and free Alcatel tablet; added flagship BOGO, Samsung and LG promo, and #GetOutoftheRed update.