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T-Mobile's been disrupting the wireless industry in the United States for years now, and a result of this has been big savings for the Un-carrier's subscribers. T-Mobile often runs all sorts of deals and promotions at any given time, and these are the absolute best ones that you should keep your eye on.

Buy a Galaxy S9 or Note 8, get one for free

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The Galaxy S9 and Note 8 are still two of the best Android phones you can get, and if you're on T-Mobile, there's never been a better time to pick them up.

For a limited time, buying an S9 or Note 9 will allow you to get another one completely free via 24 monthly bill credits.

You will need to add a new line of service in order to be eligible for this deal, but even so, you're still looking at some huge savings.

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Get one Galaxy Note 9 and take $720 off a second one

If you'd prefer to have Samsung's latest and greatest — the Galaxy Note 9 — T-Mobile's got you covered, too.

Right now, the Un-Carrier is offering a $720 credit off a second Note 9 when you buy your first one at full price. That credit is paid via a monthly bill credit and you'll need to add a new line to take advantage of this.

That $720 credit won't completely cover the second Note 9's cost, but with a full retail price of $870 at T-Mobile, it does take a big chunk out o fit.

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Take $30 - $50 off select Ultimate Ears speakers

You can never have too many Bluetooth speakers, especially if they're from Ultimate Ears. The UE Wonderboom and Blast are two excellent options that can really get the music pumping, and for a limit time, T-Mobile's taking $30 and $50 off, respectively.

This brings the Wonderboom down to just $69 and the Blast to $129. You can finance the speakers for a few bucks each month, or just buy them outright.

Also, since these are just accessories, you don't have to be a T-Mobile customer in order to take advantage of these savings. Nice!

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Buy the LG G7 and get up to $750 back

Samsung phones are great, but if you prefer LG, you can still save big. Specifically, T-Mobile's offering its subscribers $750 back on a second LG phone after you purchase a new LG G7 ThinQ.

Like all of T-Mobile's other promotions, that credit is offered via 24 monthly bill credits. However, you don't need to add a new line of service.

You can put that $750 towards another G7 and essentially get it for free, or settle for the V30, G6, or Stylo 4.

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Updated September 2018: Refreshed this guide with new deals for the Note 9, LG G7, and more!

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  • Does the Moto Z2 Force have T-Mobile's bloatware on it or is it a clean unlocked phone?
  • Like five, but I uninstall most of them, I just left the My T-Mobile app to make payments.
  • It's on TMOBILE so I would guess it has TMOBILE apps on it
  • It has t mobile's bloatware, I believe. Err on that side as it is usually the case with T-Mo.
  • Just an FYI - That G6 deal is for the Amazon version that sends ads to your lock screen... Fooey on that. The TMO version is only $100 more.
  • I think the deal for the G6+@$50 more is real sweet.
    I actually don't mind Amazon ads,
    anyway XDA has figured out their removal.
  • The changer is out of stock and only available for apple and samsung devices..
  • As usual, no deal for a single phone purchase. I don't need BOGO and don't want another line! Verizon just added a good deal, a straight discount on the V30. Worth considering. TMo, step up!
  • I’m really getting disappointed with T-Mobile. They’re constantly putting out good deals for new customers, but once the new comers sign up, they never see a deal again. They don’t reward loyalty, they just want more customers, yet risk losing who they already have by ignoring them.
  • I got 2 free phobes from them as an existing customer. I did add the 2 lines though. I got 2 for one Note 5's a few years ago and the 2 for 1 Note 8's on launch day. Sold both Note 8's on ebay and just kept my note 5's. Doubt I'll ever buy a phone over 200-300 bucks goong forward. My wife and kids have the moto G series and they are good phones.
  • The problem is the BOGOs are now bill credits instead of a lump sum.
  • Bill credits are a sneaky way to say 2-year contract. If you quit, you need to pay off the "FULL" amount, not the discounted price.
  • Not really. Just pay it off. No contract.
  • Amen. Why can't I buy one phone for half price? Because it's all about "new lines". They are buying increased lines, not maintaining existing ones.
  • I am getting sick of TMO bogo deals. What am I going to do with 2 new flagship phones that are the same?
  • Anyone do these BOGO deals have a "On Us" line (free extra line)? I'm wondering how this works if I created another line and ported out/in my wife's number to the new line. I think cancelling a line discontinues the free On Us promo, even though you're also adding a line, but I wonder if anyone has success doing these deals when they have that promo...
  • Bump
    Would like to know that too.
  • You would forfit your free line.
  • You guys do know that the BOGO doesn't cancel out the leasing fee. You still have to pay the leasing fee until it is paid off. The only way that you will benefit from this is if you only use the gift card to pay the leasing fee for just that phone each month.
  • Or you can. pay the phone off with the card as soon as you get it and it will completely wipe off the loan payment for that phone. I did it, but you have to make monthly payments on the phone until u receive the rebate to pay it off. Most likely won't pay 2 months payment by the time you get the rebate. Grab em up it's worth it. You can unlock them as soon as you use the rebate and pay it off you can unlock it right away
  • This. Very true.
  • Both since another line is added dont you have to keep both of them in service for the deal to be valid or at least one line? (Im not sure how that works) What happens if say after paying off the other note 8 with the rebate card both lines or one is cancelled?
  • Yes you have to keep the added line in service. The way I get around this is that my Google Voice number is my primary number. I add the line and get the free phone. I then use the new line with my Google Voice number and cancel the old line I used to use with my Google Voice number. I’ve done this once a year for the past couple of years to get my phones half off basically.
  • If you don't mind can you she'd some more light on this trick please. I don't want to add another line, I don't need it. BOGO is great, add a line isnt.
  • I inquired about the free LG tablet when I purchased the BOGO for the LG V30. You still have to sign up for a data plan for the tablet so it isn't free despite the bill credits.
  • The tablet is free, not the service. Same for the BOGO phone lines
  • I have zero desire to add a new line when I don't need a new line, not to mention I don't want to have to pay MORE per month just to get the "free phone". I rather just buy unlocked phone on sale at Best Buy (did that with my S8.)
  • Yeah BOGO deals stink. TMO, how about deals for a single phone, without a new line for EXISTING PRE PAY customers that pay for those idiots in the store that will happily rob you. As a pre pay customer you have to buy the phone outright, and they charge you an extra 15 percent or so, and you have to buy a $50 TMO card. Simply theft. This is why I buy used phones.
  • I always buy my devices unlocked and never from a carrier. Pay with cash. Found out it's cheaper in the long run. Sell my device after 12-18 months. Free from bloatware and carrier payments. Last time I decided not to pay cash because PayPal had a 24 month no interest plan. Lots of options other than being beholden to carriers.
  • That's cool if you don't want carrier specific features
  • Completely agree and the way to go !!!
  • This deal stinks so bad. My V20 is worth $61 dollars according to their trade in estimate! Haha. What a joke. A G6 is worth only $90. In order to get $150 back, weeks later, they rape you on the required device trade-in!
  • I wonder why so many people think TMo is great. I see many complaints here. TMo has cheaper service, but it's not way cheaper. Recently it looks like TMo raised their rates. I would rather buy a phone on the open market and use a MVNO like Mint Sim.
  • They have unlimited EVERYTHING!
  • The only thing in this world *more* Unlimited is the amount of 'Luminosity' Spam-Adverts flooding on this Website.
  • Old post again. You mention a rebate, but it is nowhere to be found on the TMo page you linked to. Maybe that's a dead deal?
  • Always a BOGO on the phone you want -sigh
  • ^ What are you doing here !?
  • Oh look, another recycled article. 😯
  • The B1G1F line is an awesome deal as I will be bringing my son and wife to my account. If I estimate it correctly that will mean 2 lines $47 and a 3rd $0. $93 a month plus a $10 Netflix credit which means I have unlimited everything on 3 lines for essentially $83.
  • First, you need to be on the TMOBILE ONE plan which costs $70 for the first line or $60/line if you have more than 1 line. Second, to qualify for this B1G1F deal, you must be on the TMOBILE ONE plan with at least 2 lines already. So they basically want people to add a 3rd and a 4th line and the 4th will be free. You can double check with TMOBILE, but thats what I was told. So, how I understand it if you are on the TMOBILE ONE plan and have 2 lines, then you must be paying $120/month (2 lines and each costs $60), then you have to add a third for another $60. Now your monthly payment is $180/month, then you get the 4th for free.
    I wanted to open up a new account with TMOBILE and I thought if I get the first line for $70/month, then the second will be free, but I was told I must have at least 2 lines alredy on the plan and add a 3rd and 4th (4th will be free)
  • If that's the case then guess I need to find metro PCS somewhere.
    On a side note your figures are wrong since each line you add discounts each lines cost. However when I stopped at TMobile they didn't have the details but said the same that it was line 4.
  • "if you have any of our past free line offers the account would not qualify for the new offer", according to the T-Mo rep.
  • Whatever happened to the 55 year old plan unlimited???
  • 1. For my money, the Moto Z2 Force at $375 was a good purchase and still is. Good battery life, metal frame, right sized, Moto features (flick on flashlight, flick on camera, "show me" to open apps), useful mods (wireless charging/extra battery/JBL speaker). I have a good mirrorless camera that I use when I really wish to take quality photos. 2. I'm an old geezer and my wife and I pay $60/mo (incl. tax and fees) for unlimited everything. Best deal for those over 55. OK, I do pay for Netflix on my own.
  • I use tmobile and there service here is good but with this add a line junk it has to be obvious that this makes up a large number of there add ons. And most of these are dead lines that people dont need and are just adding to get the phones.
  • I second that!
  • T-mobile bloat ware is relatively bloatfree and normally useful. More importantly, its usually uninstallable.
  • I'm so sick of Tmobile's deals requiring adding an additional line. I have all the lines I need so therefor I don't get any more deals ever?