Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Android Central 2021

The best Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases don't cover up its natural beauty. Rather they accent and highlight it. Clear cases allow us to show off our new flagships without leaving them vulnerable to drops and dings. Whether you prefer a case that feels invisible or want something with more presence, these Note 20 Ultra clear cases have you covered.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Note 20 Ultra Case

Show off the bronze: Spigen Liquid Crystal

Staff Pick

Spigen's clear case has long been the gold standard, offering up grip and scratch protection in a slim package that will hold up for years. If you want to hide smudges and scuffs, grab the Glitter version.

Speck Presidio Stay Clear Note 20 Ultra Case

Built for a beating: Speck Presidio Stay Clear

While this case may not look like a tank, it is still, without a doubt, ready to take on the world. Speck claims your Note 20 Ultra can withstand up to 13-foot drops wearing this antimicrobial case.

$40 at Amazon
Ringke Fusion Note 20 Ultra Case Clear

Best of both worlds: Ringke Fusion

The air-cushioned bumper on the Fusion gives your Note 20 Ultra more protection against edge drops, but it's not quite as macho-looking as its big brother, the Fusion-X.

Tech21 Evo Check Note 20 Ultra Case

Grippy as all get out: Tech21 Evo Check

This is the clear case my S20 has worn for most of the year, and the Note 20 Ultra version is even brighter and bolder. This case can take 12-foot falls and you can swap out the buttons for a pop of color.

$40 at Best Buy
i-Blason Ares Note 20 Ultra Case

Clearly rugged: i-Blason Ares

Named for the god of war, this two-stage case keeps the Note 20 Ultra secured in a plastic frame within the hybrid bumper. The color options here are slightly non-traditional, but I'm a fan of both red and purple.

Ghostek Atomic Note 20 Ultra

Heavy-duty heart: Ghostek Atomic

This case has a translucent, honeycomb back and an ultra-rugged bumper with gel-filled corners for extra impact protection. It's bulkier than some would like, but if you're rough on your toys, this one's for you.

These are the best Note 20 Ultra clear cases

Showing off the style and sophistication of your Galaxy Note 20 Ultra while protecting that pretty back glass from shatters and scratches is the mission of clear cases both big and small. On the sleeker, slimmer side of the spectrum, the Spigen Liquid Crystal is a great clear case that I've trusted my phones with for five years.

Given how big the Note 20 Ultra is, you might want something that can take a few falls with grace. The Speck Presidio Stay Clear offers that up in crystal clear while the Tech21 Evo Check offers it in translucent tones of blue, if you've got a Black or White Note 20 Ultra that needs some color in its life.

Need more ideas? We've rounded up the best Note 20 Ultra cases for your case-hunting convenience, along with heavy duty cases for anyone looking to keep their Note 20 Ultra safe at all costs.

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