Best Clear Cases for Galaxy Note 10+ Android Central 2021

Those gradients are so, so lovely on the Note 10+, and you don't have to hide them in order to protect your investment. Clear cases are my favorite category of cases, and the ones available for the newest Note are better than ever — not to mention more durable than ever.

Ringke Fusion X Galaxy Note

Ruggedly handsome: Ringke Fusion-X

Staff pick

Robust bumper protection, crystal clear polycarbonate back, and a couple of fun color options make the Ringke Fusion X everything you could want in a clear case that's also ready to take on the real world. I love the Blue, but the Camo is cool-looking, too.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Glass Galazy Note 10 Case

Great clear grip: Spigen Liquid Crystal

This clear case is slim but grippy, allowing you to show off the Note 10+'s full beauty while still offering scratch and scuff protection. Spigen's Liquid Crystal is one of my most-used and most-loved case series for a reason: it works and it looks great doing it.

$11 at Amazon
Ghostek Cloak for Note 10+ Case

Two-tone translucence: Ghostek Cloak4

Ghostek's cases are drop-tested up to 6 ft — which is great is you tend to drop your phone when talking on the phone like me — but even better, it comes in four color combinations, including this Clear-Red number and a quite fetching Gold-Navy number.

Poetic Note 10+ Rugged Clear Case

Heavy duty, crystal clear: Poetic Guardian Series

This case is durable, drop-tested, and even has a front frame to help keep your powerhouse of a phone perfectly protected inside its hybrid construction. There are four accent colors to pick from, but I find the Blue best suited to the Note 10+.

ESR Essential Zero for Note 10+

Almost invisible: ESR Essential Zero

This clear case is thin enough to forget it's there, flexible enough to get on and off without turning into a swearing sailor, and adds enough grip to keep your Note 10+ from slipping out of your hands as you shift it in your hands to admire the gradients.

$9 at Amazon
BAISRKE Note 10+ case

Mini vacation case: BAISRKE Palm Tree

We could all use a vacation, chilling under some palm fronds and hibiscus flowers, but at least this case can give you a mini vacation when you pick up your Note 10+ and look at those mesmerizing refractions through the tropical serenity.

$9 at Amazon
Spigen Liquid Crystal Glass Glitter Note 10 Case

Make it shiny!: Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter

The regular Liquid Crystal is cool and all, but if you want a clear case that's better at hiding smudges, scuffs, dust, and minor cracks, get yourself some Glitter. It's a tasteful amount of shine that's fun without going full-on Lisa Frank with the gradients.

$13 at Amazon
Anccer Ultra Clear Note 10+ case

Translucent tones: Anccer Ultra Clear

Since the Blue Note 10+ is an exclusive, if you can't get it on your carrier, consider getting a Blue clear case instead. This one has air cushions on the corners, a dot-matrix pattern to prevent wet spots, and if you don't like blue, it comes in Green, Grey, and plain Clear.

$12 at Amazon
Ansiwee Gradient Cases Note 10+

Gradients on gradients: Ansiwee Colorful Bumper

The Note 10+ makes a rainbow of gradients when it hits the light the right way, but this case is a gradient no matter what light you shine on it. You can choose either a Blue-Purple, Blue-Pink, or a boring plain clear bumper to surround the clear backplate.

$8 at Amazon

Crystal clear, diamond durability

Given the size and heft of the Note 10+, a clear case with some extra protection is well worth the investment, which is why I prefer the Ringke Fusion-X over thinner, more traditional fare. The Fusion X's bumper looks rough, but it feels soft and quite lovely in the hand. The Camo option's striations on the back allow the full color — and refracted gradients — to shine through while helping obscure scratches, smudges, and small cracks if you dropped your phone before getting it in a case.

If you prefer something a little thinner, the Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter is a favorite of mine, even over the regular Liquid Crystal model. Glitter helps hide smudges and scratches while also helping add a whole new level to the luster and shine of the Aura Glow's rainbow awesome. It's pretty and practical, and if someone calls it a girly case, send them my way. I just want to talk to them.

Even if you find that a clear case doesn't suit your style, you'll still need a case, so be sure to check out other options before giving up.

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