Best Clear Cases for Moto G7 Android Central 2021

The Moto G7 is a great budget phone that you just might want to show off with a reliable clear case. Most options are very minimalist and thin — you'll maybe forget the case is even there. These are the best clear cases for the Moto G7.

Most trusted brand: Spigen Liquid Crystal

Staff pick

Spigen's Liquid Crystal series is arguably the best clear case you can buy when it's available for any phone. For a phone like the Moto G7, you're going to appreciate the attention to detail for the precise cutouts and raised edges to protect both the screen and camera bump.

$13 at Amazon

Rugged protection: Poetic Guardian Series

Most of the clear case options are slim and thin — not the Poetic Guardian. This case features a rugged, reinforced bumper paired with a stylized clear panel on the back. The best rugged clear case for the Moto G7.

From $17 at Amazon

Two for one!: Sparin Crystal Clear (2-pack)

It's weird that Sparin offers two cases for one, but if you want a cheap clear case this is your best option. Clear cases can yellow over time, so having a replacement stored away in a drawer could offer a nice refresh in the future.

$9 at Amazon

Ultra thin: LK Jelly Series

This is one of those ultra-thin clear cases that's designed to barely be seen once installed on your phone. It's got an anti-slip exterior so it won't slide off a table and features subtle raised edges to protect the display.

$10 at Amazon

Reinforced corners: ZeKing Ultra

The lowest priced case on our list also offers robust protection in the corners with air cushions. Everywhere else, it's thin at just 1.5 mm thick with ample cutouts around the camera and fingerprint sensor.

$7 at Amazon

Enter the Dot Matrix: Aeska Scratch Resistant

This basic option from Aeska that wears its dotted texture with pride. Some case makers include a dotted matrix to prevent air bubbles from behind the screen. Be sure to check out the transparent purple option also available.

$8 at Amazon

Lets talk about camera cutouts

While researching this article I quickly discovered that a majority of the cases available for the Moto G7 also mentioned compatibility with the Moto G7 Plus. The two phones offer nearly identical physical dimensions, except for the camera on the Moto G7 Plus being ever so slightly larger than the Moto G7.

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What with the Moto G7 Plus not being available in North America, it seems likely that most case makers here are content to offer a case that's perfectly designed for the G7 Plus and compatible with the Moto G7 — as long as you don't mind the camera sitting slightly off center in the cutout.

My top recommendation is the Spigen Liquid Crystal which is consistently reliable no matter which phone it's available for. If you're down for the best value available, the Sparin 2-pack is a great deal, especially if you happened to have bought two Moto G7s.

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