Best Clear Cases for Google Pixel 3 XL in 2019

I know, I know, no one wants to hide their shiny, super-awesome phone under a case, but it's OK! Clear cases can keep your Google Pixel 3 XL safe while showing off that two-tone glass back for all the world to gaze upon and weep at its loveliness. Here are some of our favorites out on the market today.

Clear but protective

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While traditional clear cases like the Spigen Liquid Crystal work with pretty much any phone color or wardrobe, making it the little black dress of the phone world. The port cutouts here are wide enough for most OTG or headphone adapters you might use, and the buttons have a good consistency.

The only problem with clear cases is that they can also discolor over time, especially around the bumper where it rubs up against your jeans pockets. If that concerns you, consider grabbing a case with a colored bumper like the Ringke Fusion X, a durably clear case with a sturdy colored bumper. The Ruby Red model looks especially fun with the Not Pink Pixel 3 XL.

Ara Wagoner

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