Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy A6 Android Central 2020

The Samsung Galaxy A6 is a good looking phone, and it'd be a shame if you were to have an accident that would harm those good looks without proper protection. Today, we're taking a look at the best cases to keep your Galaxy A6 safe. Early spoiler: Spigen's Liquid Air Armor is one of our favorite options here due to a combination of quality and brand trust. That said, there are many other great options on this list, and the only way to see them all is to read on.

Slim Profile: Spigen Liquid Air Armor

This flexible case is a slim fit that protects all the edges it needs to, with a nice anti-slip material for improved grip. Spigen's Liquid Air Armor is also pretty stylish and comes from a brand that we know stands behind its product.

$13 at Amazon

Rugged Protection: SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro

SUPCASE has made a name for itself when it comes to these rugged cases. With dual-layer protection and a built-in screen protector, you don't have to suffer a mild heart attack whenever you drop your phone. Bonus points for having a detachable belt clip.

$20 at Amazon

Clearly Tough: Ringke Fusion

Ringke's premier clear option for the Galaxy A6, the Fusion has a dual-layer design that features a soft TPU inside with a hard shell to absorb impact on the exterior. It also has a hole for those who still rock the lanyard.

$11 at Amazon

Popped Up: Eagle Cell Hybrid Case

Eagle Cell's case has a kickstand, a card slot, and comes with a tempered glass screen protector. Available in Black, Blue, Red, or Rose Gold, this case has a ton of utility and very solid protection.

$9 at Amazon

S-View: Eari Flip Cover

Eari has one of the only S-View-like cases available for the Samsung Galaxy A6. Available in 6 different colors, you can view time, date, and caller information on the Flip Cover without having to open it. You can also take calls thanks to the speaker slit included at the top.

$13 at Amazon

Wallet-Friendly: CruzerLite Carbon Fiber Case

Sometimes, you just don't want to pay too much money for a case. Give CruzerLite a shot. These cases are cheap, good-looking, and will absorb a bit of impact for routine falls.

$8 at Amazon

Retro Style: PaletteShield Game Boy

This one is for the gamers. It's a semi-clear TPU glove as cheap as you can get them, only it struts around looking like a Game Boy Color. Unfortunately, it doesn't let you act on the intense nostalgia it'll send through your veins.

$8 at Amazon

Spigen Wallet S

The name of the game is convergence. Why carry a wallet and a phone when you can have both in one? Wallet S can hold up to three of your most important cards and a little cash on the side. Just don't lose your wallet, because you'll also lose your phone.

$30 at Spigen{.cta .shop}

High-Tech Wallet

We scoured the deepest corner of the internet to bring you a collection of cases which all do some unique things or offer advanced protection for your Samsung Galaxy A6. We like Spigen's Liquid Air Armor for something familiar and reliable, but be sure to consider these other options if you need a case that can do more than just take a beating.

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