Best Cases for Moto Z4 Android Central 2020

Motorola's continuation of the modular Z-series in 2019 is the Moto Z4. Sure, it looks pretty much identical to the Moto Z3 and can use all the same Moto Mods as the older Z-series phones — but can you use a Moto Z3 case with your Z4? Nope! Instead, here are the best cases compatible with the Moto Z4.

Reliably rugged: Tudia Merge Series

Staff pick

Tudia offers the best case you should consider for your Moto Z4. This dual-layer case combines a soft TPU inner sleeve with a rugged (and colorful) outer shell that offers great protection without adding too much extra bulk. All the buttons and ports are accessible, and there's a raised edge for additional protection around the camera and display.

$11 at Amazon

Compatible with Moto Mods: CaseWe Dual-layer Bumper Case

A bumper case is the only way to keep your Moto Z4 protected while still allowing you to use Moto Mods without removing the case. CaseMe offers a dual-layer bumper that includes ridges to protect the display which they claim is the first unbreakable bumper in the world.

$17 at Amazon

Get your style on: Moto Style Shells

Motorola offers these Moto Style Shell Mods that use magnets to snap onto the back of the phone. The use of the word "shell" is telling, because they don't offer any protection for the display or side edges of the phone — just the back. Still, you can get them on clearance from Motorola, so they're worth snagging one if you're a Z-series fan.

$3 at Motorola

Two for one: Sparin Clear Case

A clear case is always a good option for a new phone. It lets you show off your new device without worrying about it taking damage. Sparin's two-pack here offers a particularly great deal if you own more than one Z4, but it's always nice having a back up case around, too.

$7 at Amazon

Ultra thin: Almiao Thin Fit

Of all the cases I've seen that leave the Moto Mods connectors exposed, this one might be thin enough to almost work with some Moto Mods. We'd still recommend taking this thin case off if and when you want to use an accessory, which is easy to do with its snap-on design. Lots of colors to choose from, too.

$12 at Amazon

Fully protected: Poetic Revolution

The Poetic Revolution is one of the more premium rugged cases made available for the Moto Z4. It features a front plate panel with a built-in screen protector and port covers for full protection of your phone. The rest is designed for enhanced grip and protection with sleek ridges, edges, and reinforced corners.

$17 at Amazon

Rugged protection above all: Encased Heavy Duty Scorpio Series

The Encased Scorpio Series is an ideal chose for anyone looking for full-body protection for their phone. This one-piece case is designed with an impact dispersion system and curved buttons for an ergonomic hand feel.

$13 at Amazon

To Moto Mod, or not to Moto Mod...

Using a phone case is generally the common sense solution to protecting your new device — but slapping a case on a modular phone such as the Moto Z4 is also a tacit admission that you don't care all that much about using Moto Mods. All those cases that are leaving the connector pins exposed won't work with any Moto Mod that needs to sit flush against the phone — and if you somehow do manage to get it to connect it's not going to stay connected properly as it should.

Our top recommendation is the Tudia Merge Series, which offers sleek and rugged protection without pretending you could ever use it with a Moto Mod. This is just a reliably designed case that will protect your Moto Z4 quite well.

We'd also recommend the Sparin clear case because, frankly, getting two cases for that price is just too good to pass up. It's also nice to have a second case around.

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