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The Bose QC35s are not only excellent sounding Bluetooth headsets, but are also extremely comfortable to wear, and a large part of this is thanks to the excellent earpads that come installed out of the box. The leather material both looks and feels great, but as we all know, leather isn't indestructible. Should you need to ever get replacement earpads, these are the ones we recommend buying!

Tranesca Replacement Bose QC35 Ear Pads

Looks just like the original: Tranesca Replacement Ear Pads

Staff pick

Tranesca's replacement earpads are made out of top quality protein leather combined with a high-density memory foam. In other words, your ears will continuously thank you for this purchase. You get a 3-month return window, 12-month exchange policy, and only need to spend around $10. Nice.

$10 at Amazon
Bose QC35 original earpad replacments

Directly from Bose: Bose Ear Cushion Kit

If you'd prefer to not go with a third party and would rather get the real deal, you can purchase replacement earpads directly from Bose. You're going to pay a premium at nearly $35, but you'll be able to rest assured knowing you've got the best of the best. Plus, the 1-year limited warranty doesn't hurt either.

$35 at Amazon
Aurivor Ear Bose QC35 Pad Replacement

Cheap and easy to install: Aurivor Ear Pad Replacement

Another good option for buyers on a budget are the Aurivor replacement pads. Aurivor markets its memory foam as being not too hard and not too loose and has leather that's imported from Japan. You get a 1-year replacement warranty and three styles to choose from.

$13 at Amazon
Wicked Cushions Bose QC35

Replacements with personality: Wicked Cushions Premium Replacement Ear Pads

If you are looking for a replacement earpad that is going to give your favorite headphones a bit of character then we've got you covered. These replacement earpads from Wicked Cushions not only have a unique pattern, but they also offer solid construction and excellent comfort with memory foam. The company is so sure you'll love them that the pads come with a 365-day money-back guarantee.

$25 at Amazon
Accessory House Bose QC35 Kit

Full renewal kit: Accessory House Replacement Ear and Head Pad

Maybe you are looking for an option to refresh all of the cushions on your QC35s, well we've got you covered. Accessory House offers a package that comes with a headband cushion, earpads, pad clips, and the tools to make the changes. So, if you want to really dive in and do a bit of DIY to get your headphones back to like new — here's your chance.

$30 at Amazon
Wadeo Bose QC35 Pads

The most affordable option: WADEO Replacement Ear Pads

Our last pick comes from WADEO and it's a really great option. Not only will you find memory foam and protein leather, but you've also got your choice of khaki and black colors as well as black or silver cotton pads in each order to get the combo you want. That's some great choice for a starting price of $7!

Keep your ears covered

Bose has some of the best and most popular wireless headphones around. The QC35s offer amazing sound and best-in-class noise cancelation. However, all of that comes at a pretty penny, so should your QC35s earpads ever fall apart or break down you'll want to replace them instead of the whole set of headphones.

You really can't go wrong with any of the above replacement options, while the official Bose earpads are are an obvious choice , if you are looking to save a bit of money the pads from Tranesca are a fantastic option. They offer good build quality and a solid warranty to back it. If you'd like to give your headphones some personality, take a look at the fun patterns and great product quality from Wicked Cushions. What pair are you going to get?

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