Best Android video camera 2024

Cameras in smartphones are better than ever, and that applies just as much to videography as it does to still photos. Luckily, just about any high-end phone captures sharp-looking footage these days. Some have great specialized video features, while others are better for point-and-shoot videography. So what are the best Android phones for shooting video? We've gathered a list of our favorite Android video cameras for everyone from the on-the-go videographer to the robust filmmaker.

The best Android video cameras

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Shoot for the best

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Smartphones have become pretty incredible videography tools in recent years, and these options will serve you well, whether you're vlogging or shooting your next indie film. However, for the most versatile shooter around with the most manual controls, go for the Xperia 1 III, which offers three great cameras, robust manual video controls through its Cinema Pro app, and shoots in a cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio with the efficient h.265 codec.

With Cinema Pro, you can apply different looks to your shots based on the CineAlta Venice, Sony's incredible 6K full-frame cinema camera. You can also adjust settings like your project's frame rate, with the option to shoot at 24FPS, and change settings like ISO, white balance, and shutter speed on the fly. It's by far one of the most comprehensive video capture experiences we've seen on an Android phone, and it's well worth the money for on-the-go cinematographers.

On the furthest extreme of the price spectrum, professional shooters may consider the Xperia Pro, which features the same cameras and Cinema Pro software, but doubles down by connecting your dedicated camera via micro-HDMI. It doesn't have to be a Sony camera, either. The Xperia Pro instantly becomes one of the highest resolution external monitors you can buy and allows you to broadcast your footage in real-time or upload it to a backup server over 5G.

If you're not ready to spend quite that much (and who could blame you?), there are other great options like the Pixel 6a, which offers different stabilization modes for different situations. Unfortunately, you can't expand its storage or have a dedicated telephoto camera, but it's still an extremely capable shooter.

The good news is that a lot of the best Android phones these days are great at video. Every phone we listed does a great job with various specialized features such as remote operation, EIS, and background blur. So no matter which phone you pick, you'll be getting a capable video camera (or three) that fits in your pocket.

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