Best Android apps of June 2014

We've already blasted through the best Android games launched over the last month, and now it's time to dig into every other kind of Android app. Utilities, social apps, photography, launchers, custom keyboards... we're trying it all. Of course our awesome community will likely leave some solid suggestions in the comments, plus we've got our weekly app round-ups from the editors to take a look at if this isn't enough.

Ready? Let's go!

Copy Bubble

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Copy Bubble follows the trend set by Facebook Messenger's Chat Heads and followed up by Link Bubble. Copy Bubble is a little floating clipboard utility that lets you store multiple snippets of text for future usage. You can select multiple bits of text and share them out through the system-wide menu. It still requires a bit of polishing, as you need to tap a toggle in the notification tray to make it visible or hidden (as opposed to dragging it to the bottom-center to close like other apps of this type), but overall, Copy Bubble is a highly useful utility for just about anybody.

Download: Copy Bubble (Free)

Path Talk

Path Talk

Path Talk is a new instant message from the makers of the familiar alternative social network. Path always made a name for itself by offering a wide variety of check-in types, it carries those over to Path Talk. It's easy to share location, images, short audio messages, and more to your personal circle of friends. One of the particularly neat features of Path Talk is called Ambient Status. It will automatically update your status based on what you're up to: what music you're listening to, if you're out and on the move, and if your battery is running low. You can also go off the record to have messages deleted after 24 hours. Though Path Talk is free, you can shell out $24.99 for a year of ad-free service with all of the sticker packs, camera filters, and early access to new ones. Give Path Talk a shot if you're looking for something a little more full-bodied and social than iMessage, but steers clear of Facebook.

Google Slides

Google Slides

Slides is a fresh addition to the lineup of official productivity apps from Google. As the name suggests, this app will help you create, edit, and deliver presentations. Drop in graphics and captions, make use of slide-specific notes, and of course open Microsoft PowerPoint files with ease. Slides is of course cloud-enabled like Google Docs and Sheets, so you can see who's editing what in real time, and you don't have to worry about losing saved files. Though apps like this are only really useful to the professional types that regularly make presentations, it will sure be handy.


CCleaner for Android

CCleaner is the mobile iteration of a popular PC and Mac utility suite that helps keep your device in tip-top condition. This utility can scan your available memory and figure out potential sources that are slowing down performance or hogging space. Uninstalling apps in batches is a welcome tool for those that quickly lose track of what they put on their phone. Though CCleaner is free, you won't even have to deal with ads. If the built-in system monitoring tools for Android just aren't enough for you, check out CCleaner.


Tapiture for Android

Tapiture is a social network built around collecting and organizing web content you're interested in. This can be a collection of stuff you want to get for your home office, new clothes you've got your eye on, or the very best reaction GIFs you can find. From the app you can peruse taps of topics you're interested in, leave comments and likes, and post your own new taps. Calling Tapiture a Pinterest for dudes might be a little reductive, but it's not far from the truth. If you find you lose track of cool stuff when shooting it out to the usual social networks, only to have it buried by a constant feed, Tapiture may help you out.

Honorable mentions

Your favorite Android apps released in June?

Those are our top picks for Android apps released in June, but the Play Store is a big place. Leave a comment with your favorite new apps, and let us know what you think of the ones we picked out. Of course, always keep an eye on the weekly picks of our favorite Android apps, both new and old.

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