Best Accessories for Google Pixel Slate Android Central 2021

The Google Pixel Slate is a big blue slab of precision and power. While you could just grab the tablet and hit the ground running, there are a few essentials you should grab this beautiful beast of a Chrome OS tablet, which doesn't come with a keyboard, stylus, or cases. Whether you just want to get real productivity out of your tablet or want to keep it safe and stylish, these accessories can help you and your Pixel Slate hit the ground running!

Quiet, backlit typing: Google Pixel Slate Keyboard

Thanks to Chrome OS's multitude of helpful, standardized shortcuts, you're really going to want a keyboard for your Pixel Slate. Google's first-party keyboard sports a high price tag, but it also has backlit, quiet "Hush" keys, a large trackpad, multiple adjustable kickstand configurations, and doubles as folio case to protect your shiny super-tablet.

$199 at Best Buy

One keyboard, all devices: Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

The Pixel Slate is a really fancy Chrome OS tablet, so our favorite replacement Chromebook keyboard works great without breaking the bank. The Logitech K380 can switch back and forth between three devices at the press of a button. There's even a beautiful blue model for a few dollars more, and this keyboard works with darn near everything.

$27 at Amazon

True laptop experience: Brydge G-Type Wireless Keyboard for Pixel Slate

Slide your Pixel Slate into the 180-degree folding hinge of this expertly crafted keyboard and use it just like a laptop — only better since you can slide the Slate in forward or backwards for an entertainment mode that doesn't push your keys down into the dirty desktop. Brydge's G-Type is perfect for those who like to like the freedom to type with or without a desktop around.

$160 at B&H

Color and style: Incipio Esquire Series Folio for Google Pixel Slate

This stylish folio case surrounds your Pixel Slate with rich, soft fabrics and keeps it securely inside with a polycarbonate shell case that can rotate for landscape or portrait use while using the case as a kickstand. This stylish case also has a loop for your Pixelbook Pen to rest in.

$70 at Google Store

Functional and fitting: NIDOO Water Resistant Laptop Sleeve

While folios may be a more useful case for a laptop or tablet, I've always been a fan of zippered sleeves for all-encompassing protection — as well as being easier to slip out for TSA or a quick typing session at the coffee shop. This 11-inch sleeve may sound like it's too small, but it's actually got room to spare and comes in 4 great colors.

$14 at Amazon

Mount up: iKross 2-in-1 Tablet Mount Stand

This multi-tasking stand comes with two wall brackets, allowing you to mount your Pixel Slate in the kitchen for recipe notes — or Netflix, because baking can get boring — and slide the mount itself out for propping up your Pixel Slate at your desk or nightstand for a few quick episodes before bed.

$33 at Amazon

Draw, write, search: Pixelbook Pen

Useful for far more than just drawing or writing, press and hold the Pixelbook Pen's button, then circle anything you see on your screen and Google Assistant will identify, define, or search for it. We wish this came with the Pixel Slate, but it's more than worth buying yourself.

$99 at Best Buy

Rock on: OnePlus Bullets Wireless

Let's be real: after spending $800+ bucks on a Pixel Slate, who wants to spend $160 on headphones? Especially when for $69, these neckbuds come with AptX, Google Assistant compatibility, a bright red silicone carrying case, and USB-C fast charging that gives you five hours' worth of listening time with a 10-minute charge.

$69 at OnePlus

Plug in everything: AUKEY Link PD USB-C Hub

The Pixel Slate can be used with a wide array of peripherals, but you'll probably need an adapter to use them all. USB-C hubs are starting to gain wider use and better dependability, and the AUKEY Link USB-C hub can read memory cards, connect 3 USB-A accessories, top off your Pixel Slate via pass-through USB-C charging, and feed a secondary HDMI display.

$50 at Amazon

There's a lot you can use with your Pixel Slate — and a lot you'll feel you'll need right off the bat — but I'd start with the Brydge G-Type keyboard and a NIDOO sleeve so that you can use your Pixel Slate with a keyboard even when a tabletop isn't around and keep it safe this holiday travel season. If you're looking to put your Pixel Slate to work without breaking the bank, grab yourself an AUKEY USB-C Hub so that you can use any old USB-A mouse and keyboard you already have lying around — and use the Pixel Slate with two screens instead of one!

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