Moto G 2015

Motorola is back with the best version of the Moto G yet in 2015. Most of the talk about it centers around how great it is for $200, and that's all true. But it's also a great phone all-around, and one many of us will be happy with — at least until the next one comes along.

If you picked up a new Moto G or are looking for more information about it, you've found the right spot. Android Central is filled with happy Moto G users who have figured out most everything about how it works and how to make the best of it.

Let's get you started!

Which Moto G is right for me?

Moto G 2015

If you haven't bought your Moto G just yet (and kudos for doing a bit of research!), the most important thing to know is that it comes in two versions.

The less expensive version gives you 8GB of storage and 1GB of RAM. As of this writing, it will set you back $180 (plus tax) at Motorola's website.

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The more expensive version has 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM, and checks in at $220 plus tax.

Both models are the same as far as the processor and screen goes, can accept a microSD card for more external storage and are both are fully customizable with Moto Maker. The storage and system memory are the only differences.

We recommend most everyone go for the $220 model, even if you think you'll never need the extra on-board storage. The extra RAM is worth it.

Neither is a bad choice, but you will appreciate the extra memory when you're trying to do a handful of things at the same time on your new phone.

Customize your phone with Moto Maker

Moto G 2015

Moto Maker is part of the buying process when you get your phone from Motorola direct, and it's a really cool way to get your new phone just the way you like it.

You can choose the colors, get the back engraved with most anything you want, and even set a custom greeting that shows when you power things up.

Having a phone of a certain color or with your name engraved on the back doesn't make it run any better, but it's a really nice personal touch.

Get everything up and running

moto G 2015

Now that you have your new Moto G in your hands, you'll need to get it set up and running with your Google account.

The process is easy and straightforward, but we still have a few tips and a great preview of what to expect.

Read: Setting up your Moto G

If you're not new to Android, we've also got a selection of tips on just how to get started right here.

Get to know the camera

Moto G 2015

Your Moto G is also a great little camera. You'll be able to snap pictures on the go to share with friends and family, and with very little fussing about.

There are better cameras on more expensive smartphones out there, but we're enjoying the pictures our Moto Gs can turn out. We even took to Instagram to show off a handful, be sure to check them out!

You'll find a few tips to make the most out of the Moto G's camera right here.

How the Moto G handles big apps

Angry Birds 2

The Moto G is impressive in regard to how it handles all the software that comes pre-installed. But chances are you're going to want to do more with it.

You'll be happy to know that it can run just about every app you can throw on it, and does a good job keeping up with some of the more expensive and higher spec'd models.

Have a read here how it handles some "heavy" games and apps.

Need more help? The forums have it covered

Moto g 2015

This is just a starting point. There's no way we could cover everything about the Moto G in one blog post. The good news is that we don't have to!

We have forums filled with folks using the new Moto G, both beginners and pros alike. You'll want to be sure to jump in feet first and join us all.

Join the fun in the Moto G 2015 forums