The JBL Charge 4 is a fantastic portable Bluetooth speaker, and right now you can get it for $129.95 at Amazon. There are several colors available at this price, including black, blue, red, gray, green, and more. Pick your favorite one or buy a couple different colors and link the speakers together. The Charge 4's regular price is $180, and it only drops from that price occassionally. The Amazon deal price is matched at Walmart, although it's not available everywhere.

Multiple Colors

JBL Charge 4 water resistant portable Bluetooth speaker

Connect two Bluetooth sources at once and switch between them. Has IPX7 water resistance so it can survive spills or being poolside. You'll get 20 hours on a single charge with the rechargeable battery. Can connect to up to 100 speakers.

$129.95 $180.00 $50 off

The Charge 4 is a great speaker whether you're going to use it indoors to chill to your favorite tunes or outdoors at a party or a barbecue or while going on a hike. Keep yourself entertained waiting for those steaks to finish grilling or while enjoying a nice family game night in the living room. The nice thing about a rechargeable battery is that you can take the speaker anywhere, and it has a simple USB cable that can be used to recharge from just about anywhere. You'll get a 20-hour battery life as well so the speaker can stay powered for most of the day. It has advanced drivers and two bass radiators so you get some powerful, thumping sound with lifelike audio.

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It's a speaker designed for some harsh environments, too. The Charge 4 can resist impacts and will survive a drop or two. It is also water resistant thanks to an IPX7 rating, which is a higher than normal rating for water resistance. You can use this speaker by the pool or get some sweat on it at the gym or go swimming and submerge the speaker. It won't get damaged and your music will still be as loud as ever.

You can string multiple Charge 4 speakers together, too. If you've got a party spreading throughout the house, pump music into every room. You can even play from multiple sources by connecting two Bluetooth sources at once. The speaker is covered by a one-year warranty.

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