Aukey's fast charging 60W USB-C wall charger has dropped to $14

Aukey Charger
Aukey Charger (Image credit: Amazon)

Use the code N326FEYW during checkout and clip the 20% off on-page coupon to get the Aukey USB-C 60W fast charger with foldable plug down to a $14.29 total. The stacked discounts bring it down to a crazy low price compared to the $26 it normally sells for. The charger was selling as high as $30 in July and has never gone lower than today's $26 price directly, so the deal is a unique one and will save you a bunch of money on a charger you're sure to find good use for. Aukey even has a similar 2-port charger that ends up only being a couple bucks cheaper than this one despite being half the power.

This is a single port charger, but that port is USB-C so it can charge your stuff ridiculously fast. Has enough power for laptops like a MacBook or Dell XPS, too. Use it with your new iPhone 12 or a Nintendo Switch. Keeps electronics safe.

The 60W charger is powerful enough to work with most Power Delivery compatible devices. That means it's great for laptops like the MacBook Pro or Dell XPS, but it also works with mobile devices like the new iPhone 12 or any USB-C powered Android smartphone. You can even use it with the Nintendo Switch. You can get a modern smartphone up to 50% in just half an hour with this charger thanks to the advanced GaN power chip that improves charging efficiency. It also helps cool the internal components so there's no overheating or loss of efficiency that way.

Thanks to the power chip, the whole charger actually ends up being much smaller and more compact than similar chargers. Even the chargers that come with your devices will look like bulky messes compared to this. Take the Aukey charger with you whereever you go thanks to the foldable plug that makes it easy to travel with.

The built-in safeguards protect your charger and any connected devices. You won't have to worry about things like overheating, overcharging, short circuiting, or excessive current.

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