Act fast and lock down this August Smart Lock Pro Cyber Monday Lightning Deal

August Smart Lock Pro+ Connect
August Smart Lock Pro+ Connect (Image credit: August)

My smart lock is, without a doubt, one of my favorite home upgrades in years. After spending years with a jingling keyring suspended by a carabiner on my belt loop, I hate carrying around any keys other than my car key (which folds neatly into its fob and tucks into my front pocket). Getting an August lock for the front and back doors to my house allowed me to ditch my keyring and instead get into my home using my phone.

Thanks to a Lightning Deal running through Cyber Monday, you can get the third-gen August Smart Lock Pro and its accompanying Connect Hub for half-off at just $116. It's an absolutely fantastic upgrade for just about any home.

Within the first week of moving into my house three years ago, I bought a baseline August Smart Lock and basked in the ability to unlock my door from my phone — and even better, have it unlock automatically as I approach it. Of course, the Smart Lock also locks the door behind you as you leave; no more worrying in the car about whether or not you actually remembered to lock up.

The third-generation Smart Lock Pro can be operated over Wi-Fi using the Connect Hub included with this Lightning Deal bundle, allowing you to lock and unlock your door even when you're not home. You can do so using the August app on your phone, or even set up integration with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to operate your lock with your voice, for those times you're carrying groceries and don't have a free hand.

For renters, the best part of August's Smart Locks is that they don't require you to replace your lock and keys. It adapts to your existing deadbolt and leaves no external trace of itself. And in the event you have a babysitter or friend look after the house while you're away, you can even grant temporary virtual keys through the August app and keep track of exactly who unlocks the door, complete with time stamps on a chronological timeline.

Sadly, this Lightning Deal won't last forever — you've got until 3 AM EST on Tuesday, December 1. If you manage to nab it in time, you'll be getting a fantastic deal on one of the most convenient upgrades you can make to your home!

Hayato Huseman

Hayato was a product reviewer and video editor for Android Central.