ASUS' ROG Phone 2 gets a taste of Android 10 with new beta

ASUS ROG Phone 2
ASUS ROG Phone 2 (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • ROG Phone 2 users can finally try their hand at Android 10.
  • The beta program is open to anyone who owns a ROG Phone 2.
  • Android 10 brings with it a better dark mode, gesture navigation, and more.

When we reviewed ASUS' latest gaming phone, we deemed it not just a great gaming phone but also a terrific handset for everyday use. We were also impressed with the phone's clean, bloat-free software experience, and the option to switch between a gaming theme or a stock Android skin. One of the best ways for ASUS to make the software on the phone even better is to upgrade it to Google's latest offering, which the company has now started doing.

The Taiwanese phone maker announced last week that it's launching a beta program for ROG Phone 2 owners to test its latest ZenUI OS built on top of Android 10. Unfortunately, while ASUS' post doesn't provide many details about which new goodies ZenUI 7 might feature on top of those introduced in Android 10, it does go over how you can sign up for the beta and, hopefully, figure that out from first-hand experience.

In order to be eligible, you will need a ROG Phone 2 (ZS660KL) — of course! — and you'll also need to have an account on the company's ZenTalk forums. There's also mention of being an active participant on ZenTalk, so your chances of success may diminish if you aren't a member already. Though, there's really no harm in signing up and trying your luck anyways. Aside from that, you must also be willing to provide details about your device, such as its IMEI number, serial number, and current firmware version, and you must be able to provide feedback in English.

If you check all those boxes, you can head on to this form to express your interest in joining the program, and ASUS will, hopefully, permit you to join its ranks. The beta is also confidential, so keep that in mind when posting about it on the internet.

Muhammad Jarir Kanji