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Best answer: Yes, the Galaxy Buds Live feature a water/sweat resistance rating of IPX2. Unfortunately, it won't be enough for getting caught in the rain, and there are better options for workouts.

You'll need to be careful with the *Galaxy Buds Live *

When you're looking at a new set of headphones, then one of the obvious questions is whether they are sweat and/or water resistant. Whether it's because you're someone who runs and gets caught in the rain, or just live at the gym, you want a set of headphones that can keep up with you.

Samsung's new Galaxy Buds Live don't fall under the category of "workout buds" due to the IPX2 rating. This means that you'll be able to take them with you on that run or trip to the gym, but they may not withstand a passing shower or the enormous amount of sweat that should come with a gym visit. They're sweat-resistant to a point, but not water-resistant.

Samsung states that you should "clean them immediately" in the event they get wet. To do so, use a clean and soft cloth, then pat the Buds Live around the earpiece, microphone, charging contacts, and all of the sensors. Additionally, the Buds Live are not dust-resistant at all, which could prove costly if you're wearing them while moving to a new home or working in the yard.

If you're looking for some true wireless headphones to take with you to the gym, there are quite a few great waterproof options out there. Overall though, we would recommend checking out the Jabra Elite Active 75t thanks to the 28 hours of battery life and IP57 water/dust resistance. You don't get active noise cancelation, but that feature isn't super common among earbuds anyway. These buds were made for the gym, unlike the Galaxy Buds Live, and the only cost a little more.

All the beans

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Mystic Bronze

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Great for the office, not for the gym

The Galaxy Buds Live may look like beans, but they offer a unique take on true wireless headphones and feature active noise cancelation. You just will want to look elsewhere if you're in the market for some new workout headphones.

Hit the gym

Jabra Elite Active 75t Navy

Jabra Elite Active 75T

Almost perfect for every situation you could imagine

Jabra's Elite Active 75t were designed with workouts in mind, and that's why you'll get IP57 water and dust resistance. This makes the 75t perfect for the gym as long as you're willing to look past the lack of active noise cancellation.

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