Are Eero 6 & Eero Pro 6 backwards compatible with old Eero routers?

Eero, Eero Pro, Eero Beacon
Eero, Eero Pro, Eero Beacon (Image credit: Eero)

Best answer: Yes. All Eero routers and extenders are backwards compatible thanks to consistent software updates. This goes all the way back to the first Eero.

  • Support for up to 500Mbps mesh speeds: Eero 6 ($130 at Dell)
  • 350Mbps is enough for most people: Eero ($99 at Amazon)

All Eeros work together

Since the beginning, Eero has focused on making sure all Eero routers to work with each other. This includes the first Eero, Eero Pro, Eero Beacon, Eero (Gen 3), and now the Eero 6, Eero 6 Extender, and Eero Pro 6. All of these Eeros receive frequent software updates to make sure they are compatible with the newest products and features.

Keep in mind that at least one of your Eeros will need Ethernet ports so it can be connected to your modem. All but the Eero Beacon and Eero 6 Extender will work for this. That being said, adding an Eero 6 to the mix won't automatically upgrade the entire network to Wi-Fi 6, only the area served by the Eero 6 router will be upgraded.

Should you mix Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6?

Eero Pro ports

Source: Samuel Contreras / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Samuel Contreras / Android Central)

Wi-Fi 5 will likely be fast enough for most of what you do online but if you're looking for more speed on your Eero mesh, it may be time to upgrade a few components. While there are some benefits to adding Wi-Fi 6 access to parts of your home for devices that support it, you may not be getting much of a speed upgrade if the core is still based on Wi-Fi 5.

For the best possible performance, you should use your fastest Eero at the center of your mesh with slower Eeros used to fill in coverage gaps. Don't forget that Eeros can be wired together so if you can run an Ethernet cable to your Eero 6 or Eero Pro 6, you should get max speed.

The fastest Eero is the Eero Pro 6, followed by the Eero Pro with estimated mesh speeds of 1Gbps and 550Mbps respectively. Eero Pro 6 is a very fast router even compared to most other Wi-Fi 6 mesh systems. Eero 6 is capable of around 500Mbps with the older Eeros coming in around 350Mbbps. All of these routers are capable of 4K streaming and fast browsing.

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