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Your weekly look at the apps we're using from day to day

You probably know it by this point, but every week we take just a little time for each of the Android Central writers to show off one of the apps they've been using on their own device in the previous week. They may not be the most popular or well-known, but they work for us, and we think that merits letting the readers know about them as well.

Another great random assortment of apps awaits you after the break, so stick around and see how we did with our picks this week.

Sean Brunett - Scam School

Scam School

I’m a big fan of Brian Brushwood’s podcast on Revision 3, Scam School. It’s basically Brian teaching people different tricks each episode, which are possible to learn just by watching the videos. The app is done very well and makes the experience of browsing and watching the Scam School videos very nice. The app’s home screen displays the most recent episode and allows you to watch it Small, Large or in HD (be aware if you’re on a strict data plan). You will also see a summary of the episode and any comments by fellow Scam School addicts. In addition to accessing the latest episode, you can browse through the back catalog. The app has a great UI and is a pleasure to navigate. Highly recommended for fans of Scam School, trickery Brian Brushwood. 

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Download: Scam School (Free)

Casey Rendon - Sixaxis Controller (root)

Sixaxis Controller

Playing games on an Android tablet is one of the best ways to kill time (which I’ve found especially true during my long flights recently). Using on screen controls can make intense games frustrating, and they limit the number of players to just one. Those with rooted devices can use up to 4 PlayStation controllers at the same time with the Sixaxis Controller app. Setup requires a one-time USB connection to a computer to manually pair each controller, but after that only a Bluetooth connection is needed. For devices on Android 3.1 and up, pairing can be done directly with Android via USB. Nothing beats the feel and accuracy of a honest-to-goodness controller, making this app more than worth the small price of admission. While some devices support USB OTG and can use a PS3 controller through a wired connection, I prefer this method as it allows for multiplayer as well as marathon gaming sessions since I can charge my tablet and use a controller simultaneously. Make sure to test your device using the ‘Sixaxis Compatibility Checker’ before buying.

Download: Sixaxis Controller ($2.53)

Simon Sage - House of the Dead Overkill

House of the Dead Overkill

A classic, rowdy shoot-em-up made the leap to mobile this week. House of the Dead Overkill was originally an over-the-top first-person shooting game for the Wii which featured ridiculous dialog, big guns, and lots of zombies to kill (again). As you rack up the in-game currency, you can upgrade your weapons and snag power-ups to make the most of your shooting spree. There's a three-part story mode to enjoy, or you can have a go at the non-stop survival mode. Accelerometer and virtual pad controls are both supported, with a tap-enabled mode unlockable through gameplay. If you're looking for an unabashed splatterfest with B-movie film grain and a swaggery 70s soundtrack, try out House of the Dead Overkill. 

Download: House of the Dead Overkill ($4.99)

Jerry Hildenbrand - Power Toggles

Power Toggles

If you're using a phone without quick toggles in the notification area, this one's for you. There's nothing fancy going on, just a row (or two rows if you like) of toggles for your notification shade, and they're fully customizable. Pick from quick settings like Wifi, rotation or Bluetooth, system shortcuts or a shortcut to any application installed on your phone. You can also set the background and the color of all three button states or replace the buttons with your own images. It works on any phone running Gingerbread or higher, and it's completely free.

Download: Power Toggles (Free)

Andrew Martonik - Paper Toss 2.0

Paper Toss 2.0

Considering it has been around in some form since mid 2009, there are few people out there who haven't heard of Paper Toss before. If you haven't, the concept is about as simple as it gets -- toss the paper into the trash can as efficiently as possible to rack up a high score. The new version of the game, "Paper Toss 2.0", takes the original and steps up the animations considerably, along with adding new items to throw and new levels to keep things interesting. It's one of those games that is pure mindless entertainment, and never really gets old.

I probably don't want to admit how many hours have been spent on the original version of this game, and I'll probably feel the same way about 2.0 if you ask me in a couple of months. But that just shows how much fun a simple game like Paper Toss 2.0 can be.

Download: Paper Toss 2.0 (Free)

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