Apps of the Week

It's that time of the week where we give everyone a look into the app choices of the Android Central writers in our Apps of the Week column. We take this post on Saturday afternoon to round up a single app pick from each of the folks here at AC that they have been using and want to tell everyone about.

We've got a jam-packed list of app picks this week, from games and entertainment to tools and icon packs. Read along with us after the break and see how these apps stack up to the rest.

Alex Dobie - Dots


Dots is a simple but incredibly addictive puzzler which landed on Android this week, after enjoying widespread success on iOS. And like all the best mobile puzzlers, it's easy to learn but hard to master. You've got a grid of 36 dots, and you join like-colored dots together in groups of two or more to eliminate them and score points. Draw a line back to where you started, in a loop, and you'll eliminate all dots of that color. There are two main game modes — Timed, which gives you 60 seconds to score as many points as possible, and Moves, which limits you to 30 moves, meaning you'll want to carefully plan ahead.

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It might not sound like much, but Dots' simplicity, attractive visuals and endless replayability make it a game that's hard to put down. It's available for free from the Google Play Store today, and it's definitely worth a try.

Download: Dots (Free)

Casey Rendon - KeePassDroid


A couple years ago, I was looking for a password manager. I didn't need anything fancy, just something that would meet my two requirements: have both a mobile and desktop client for easy password viewing between devices, and be free. After searching for a bit, I found that most apps could only meet one requirement or the other. Then I found KeePass. An open, completely free program that offers a no-frills approach to password management. There is a version of KeePass for almost every platform out there, both mobile and computer.

The Android version, KeePassDroid, is a pretty simple program. It loads a database file filled with passwords, and an optional keyfile for additional security. Password entries can be viewed and edited, as well as keyword searched. A copy-to-clipboard notification pops up when viewing an entry, which makes things much easier on a mobile device. I have my database file saved in Dropbox, which allows me to see the changes I make on my desktop, on my Android device. I always meant to look for a paid version of a more robust password manager, but KeePass just works. For the few times I forget my passwords, KeePassDroid is plenty of app for me.

Download: KeePassDroid (Free)

Jerry Hildenbrand - Middle Manager of Justice

Middle Manager of Justice

So simple. So fun. So silly. That's how I would describe this game, which has been keeping me entertained and killing my battery since I first installed it last Wednesday. You play as an office manager for Justice Corp.and it's your job to assemble and train a group of superheros to fight the thugs and bullies who are running amok in your city. The office is upgradable, the superheros are trainable, and it's a whole lot of fun without any serious thinking. Give this one a try if you like a mix of SIM games with some silly turn based combat.

Download: Middle Manager of Justice (Free)

Simon Sage - Dropchord


My Leap Motion finally came in the mail last week, and bundled as part of the AirSpace app was a game called Dropchord. I had played it a bit at PAX East, where they had mentioned it was coming to mobile eventually too (though there weren't any demos there, unfortunately). Lo and behold, they managed a simultaneous launch for both Android and Leap, which is awesome. The game is a pretty straightforward concept: players create a line that cuts through a circle by placing two fingers on the outside of it, denoting either endpoint. Players have to move their fingers around in order to push the line through goal points that appear for a limited amount of time, while avoiding cleverly-laid obstacles. Throw in a thumping soundtrack and some altogether electric visuals, and you've got a challenging, unique, high-energy game. I'm really excited to see the interplay between touch and touchless app ecosystems, and hope to see a lot more movement both ways.

Download: Dropchord ($2.99)

Sean Brunett - NFL Preseason Live for Tablets

NFL Preseason Live for Tablets

Football season is back! Well, almost. Like many football fans, I am not a fan of the preseason, but if it’s the only football we have, I’ll watch it begrudgingly. The NFL offers a preseason package for $19.99 where you can watch every game online live or archived. For meaningless games, it’s still a bit overpriced, but again I do it because it’s better than no football. For that price, you can watch your favorite teams as they go through the preseason, assessing young talent and roster battles. You can also of course view stats and scores rather than full games if that’s what you prefer. Thus far I have been impressed with the video quality. I just wish they would update it to support Chromecast!

Download: NFL Preseason Live for Tablets (Free w/ subscription)

Andrew Martonik - UPS Mobile

UPS Mobile

Although most of us interact with UPS through the web for package tracking and in-store for drop-offs, the UPS Mobile app is actually quite high quality and can handle most (or all) of your shipping needs from one place. If you receive a lot of packages (we tend to around here), the app will be a lifesaver when it comes to tracking and managing multiple deliveries a week, primarily if you're signed up for the "UPS My Choice" service.

You can be notified instantly when your package status updates, when a package is initiated for shipment to or from you, as well as when a package is delivered and who signed for it. You can even put in authorized persons to accept packages for you or store information like a door or gate code for the UPS driver to enter your building or neighborhood.

Additionally, you can manage packages to be held for pickup or pay for packages to be shipped to a new address with just a few taps. It's a great tool and its very well designed (#holoyolo) to boot. UPS Mobile is one of those tools you'll just want to have around.

Download: UPS Mobile (Free)

Chris Parsons - Nox


Alright so I kinda cheated, my app isn't REALLY an app. It's a theme but still, it's just as glorious as a really cool app in my opinion. Over 1200 custom icons, 12 wallpapers and some serious all-around launcher launcher support. More time has likely gone into this than some real apps plus, it makes your device look really good.

Download: Nox ($1.99)

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