Upcoming Expert RAW update sees welcome features added

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What you need to know

  • Samsung is updating its next Expert RAW camera app.
  • The update will see a couple of new features added to the camera app.
  • Older-generation Samsung phones will have to sit and wait for this update to come at a later date.

New information is out about Samsung's Expert RAW camera app update. While the update includes welcome features, those still using older-generation Samsung phones will be left out for now.

SamMobile reports details about the update including an option to save custom presets for the camera. Samsung is looking to stick with Expert RAW being this app that users can control and bend to their photography needs. These custom presets will allow you to save variations in your camera settings to use on a whim while taking photos.

However, a known fact about the Expert RAW app is that it saves your photos in two different formats: RAW and JPEG. While it will continue to do so, this update will allow you to tick a box signaling that you'd only like it to save in one of the two formats. 

SamMobile reports, "it has been confirmed today that Expert RAW won't support the telephoto lens on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, only the wide-angle and ultra-wide lens." This is due to the telephoto lens of the Galaxy S20 Ultra not being able to output Bayer RAW which is what the camera app's version of RAW is based on.

Samsung has talked about improving the support of Expert RAW throughout their roster of phones. This is noted in their goal of bringing added support to the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Unfortunately, consumers using these phones will have to wait a little longer as Samsung has reportedly confirmed that the updates will take a bit longer to release. The update for these older-generation phones is being eyed for "September this year." But we should expect this upcoming update to be available for the best Samsung phones as soon as it releases.

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