Spotify's new feature lets you listen to even more diverse mixes

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What you need to know

  • Spotify has introduced a new type of mixes personalized for your mood or activity.
  • Niche mixes combine everything from the platform's existing catalog, including tens of thousands of unique mixes.
  • The new feature is available to both premium and free users who search Spotify in English.

Building on the success of the "Made for You" personalized playlists, Spotify has introduced a new type of customization that allows you to create super specific mixes based on your mood or activity.

Spotify's new "Niche Mixes" are designed to make its automated playlists more diverse by combining everything you can find in its existing mixes. The service already offers mixes categorized by genre, mood, artist, and decade. Niche mixes are an expansion of these song collections.

Like the rest of the mixes, the new set of personalized playlists can be found by heading over to the Made for You section in the Search tab. Spotify says niche mixes include tens of thousands of mixes unique to users for every mood and occasion.

There are up to 10 curated mixes available in the new carousel, capitalizing off of the existing mixes launched by the platform in 2021. Those playlists bolstered Spotify's level of customization for subscribers, which helps the service maintain its position as one of the leading music streaming platforms available today. However, its lack of variety is one of the service's major criticisms.

The new hub now lets you listen to an even more varied catalog of mixes, including familiar songs as well as tracks you may have never heard before. Some of the curated mixes available on the platform include "Dinner Mix", "Regional Mexican Mix," and "Trova Mix."

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Furthermore, you can create hyper-personalized mixes by entering specific words into the search bar and appending "mix" to them. 

The results can be weirdly broad. For example, typing in "afternoon walk mix" returns multiple rows of mixes you may want to listen to. However, it is possible to come across word combinations that have no corresponding mixes.

It's the latest revamp that Spotify has rolled out to the platform in recent weeks. Last month, the service introduced an AI DJ feature, which offers personalized songs alongside AI-powered commentary.

Spotify promises to update the niche mixes on a daily basis, giving you a new selection every time you crave nostalgic cuts tailored to your mood. It's available to both free and premium users who search in English.

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