Spotify's new AI DJ is a talking, curated list of your musical tastes

Spotify's new AI DJ in the mobile app.
(Image credit: Spotify)

What you need to know

  • Spotify introduces its new AI DJ for Premium subscribers.
  • The DJ is powered by OpenAI technology and Spotify's musical experts to offer listeners a constant stream of personalized music and commentary.
  • The new feature has started rolling out today for Android and iOS users in the U.S. and Canada.

Spotify's latest AI adventure brings about a personalized music host tuned to your tastes.

Spotify introduced its new personalized DJ, powered by AI technology that will get to know your music tastes and recommend music you may enjoy. The feature is rolling out in a beta phase first for Android and iOS mobile users and will contain a curated music lineup alongside unique commentary about the music the DJ will be playing for you.

Spotify's DJ utilizes OpenAI (responsible for ChatGPT) technology which will provide listeners with useful facts about the music, artists, or genres you're currently listening to. The music streaming service has paired its own entourage of musical experts with this AI to help scale up its knowledge in improved ways.

In order to curate what music is best suited for you, Spotify's DJ will take a look at your past and your present to give you options throughout your listening session. Your AI partner may suggest a new song since you've been listening to a lot of EDM (electric dance music) before switching over to some songs that'll take you back a couple of years by tapping the DJ icon.

Spotify explains that if you're not quite vibing with the songs the AI has collected for you, tap the DJ icon, and it'll switch things up. This act is encouraged more often than not so the AI can begin to understand your musical tastes for all the right moments.

To add a dash of realism to the DJ, Spotify is putting its acquisition of Sonantic to good use, creating a voice model for its DJ using by utilizing the vocal stylings of Xavier “X” Jernigan, the company's own Head of Cultural Partnerships.

Spotify's DJ has already begun rolling out for Premium subscribers in the U.S. and Canada. Android and iOS users can find their new DJ by heading to the Music Feed (Homepage) and tapping "play" on the DJ card. The AI will do the rest and can be thought of as a much faster, real-time curation of new music, much like the service's other versions of personalized playlists.

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