Spotify expands 'Made for You' with new personalized playlists

Spotify on the Pixel 4 XL
Spotify on the Pixel 4 XL (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Spotify today announced new personalized playlists for all free and premium users.
  • The app will now generate mixes for you based on artists, genres. or decades.
  • These new mixes will sit in the 'Made for You' hub alongside Daily Mixes.

Spotify today announced new personalized mixes, aimed at bringing subscribers more of the same kind of music they already know and love. The company announced the move today on its blog, adding that it would be an expansion of the current Made for You hub. This currently features 7 daily mixes, and is a lot like what Google announced for YouTube Music.

The new personalized mixes announced today would include mixes based on artists you love, genres you like, or even time periods. So you could see something like 2010s music, or Paramore mix. You'll get a mix of songs you like, as well as new ones to broaden your taste. Spotify says the mixes update frequently, (likely daily or weekly based on its previous cadence), so you'll always have something fresh to dive into.

Source: Android Central

Gustav Söderström, Spotify's Chief R&D Officer, said:

There isn't just one Spotify experience. There are actually more like 345 million different Spotify experiences—one for each listener. Every day, half a trillion events—whether they are searches, listens, likes, or countless other actions—take place on Spotify, powering and guiding our machine learning system. This gives us the ability to drive discovery in a way that audio has never seen before.

Spotify's previously added new languages to the app and has grown to support 80 more countries than it previously did. These new mixes will serve to further widen the gap between rivals as YouTube Music or Apple Music, and increase current user loyalty. It's going to know your tastes the more you listen making it hard to argue for a switch.

Spotify's new mixes are rolling out globally to users on either Free or Premium plans.

Michael Allison