Samsung brings the 'Try Galaxy' app to Android with a Galaxy AI demo

Using Google Circle to Search on a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
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What you need to know

  • Samsung states it has made the "Try Galaxy" app available to Android users, and an update to the app brings a Galaxy AI demo.
  • Users will find a widget that hosts several "core" Galaxy AI features users can see through tutorial demonstrations.
  • Samsung confirmed it plans to bring Galaxy AI features to several older devices in March.

Previously only available to Apple's iPhone, Samsung's "Try Galaxy" app is available today on Android, and with it comes demos of the company's Galaxy AI features.

According to Samsung, as we move into the "era of mobile AI," the Korean OEM is looking to give more users a chance to playtest its offerings. The Try Galaxy app simulates Samsung's latest flagship device. That said, the company states users will find a new widget on the second page of the home screen, which highlights its "core" AI features and One UI 6.1.

Tapping a feature will provide a quick video explanation of how the feature would work if you had a Galaxy S24.

There are five features users can playtest, beginning with "Live Translate." The app will offer a quick demonstration of what it'd be like to communicate with someone in a different language. Samsung states its "two-way call translation" is built into its phone app and supports 13 languages for text and audio transcriptions.

Note Assist offers AI-based summaries and note organization, turning chunky paragraphs into easy-to-read bullet points. Chat Assist enters with the ability to translate messages in real-time as it's built directly into the Samsung Keyboard.

Users will also gain an up-close example of how Google's "Circle to Search" tool can be used whenever a question arises.

Samsung's "Try Galaxy" app comes to Android with a Galaxy AI demo.

(Image credit: Samsung)

The demos continue for photos as the app features a tutorial about Samsung's "Photo Assist." The short video will explain its "Generative Edit" and how the company's AI can help users get the perfect shot, devoid of blemishes. The company states the new widget will also give a glimpse into the S24 series' new advanced camera features. It's said to explain how users can take "clear, bright photos" using Nightography Zoom.

There's more in store in the demo for the Super Steady and Portrait Mode tools.

Samsung states users will find Galaxy Themes and more available for the Galaxy S24 in the app to experiment with. For the first time, those interested in simulating a Galaxy device can do so on their Android phone, joining Apple's iPhone. Users can visit or scan the QR code, as seen above.

While interested parties playtest Samsung's Galaxy AI features, the Korean OEM is preparing to bring them to a few past-gen devices. The company stated it plans to bring such features to the Galaxy S23 series in March, including the S23 FE. The Flip 5, Fold 5, and Galaxy Tab S9 series are also eligible.

Meanwhile, Samsung previously stated it would begin charging users to use some of its available Galaxy AI features in 2026.

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