Samsung teases a native mobile AI experience headed to the Galaxy S24

The back of the green Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

What you need to know

  • Samsung's formally joining the AI bandwagon with Galaxy AI, which will be making its grand debut on the upcoming Galaxy S24 smartphones.
  • Galaxy AI is kicking things off with a feature called "AI Live Translate Call," which will be integrated into Samsung's native phone app.
  • Samsung is promising on-device audio and text translations as you speak with the live translate feature.

After being a little late to the generative AI party, Samsung is finally catching up with Galaxy AI, a new native experience that will be available on the Galaxy S24 smartphones next year.

Samsung's latest AI endeavor is set to grace the company's flagship smartphones early next year, according to a blog post. The tech giant says its new mobile AI experience combines in-house on-device AI with cloud-based AI supported by industry partners.

The latest announcement comes shortly after Samsung spilled the beans about its new project at its AI Forum in South Korea. Presumably called Gauss, this generative AI model is Samsung's take on ChatGPT with the ability to summarize sentences, respond to user queries in natural language, compose emails, and translate text (via The Korea Times). It's still under development, but Samsung expects to integrate it into its Galaxy smartphones early next year.

Think of Gauss as the powerhouse that will fuel Galaxy AI to provide a whole new level of intelligence and personalization on your Galaxy smartphone. One of Galaxy AI's capabilities is a live translation feature, which Samsung calls “AI Live Translate Call."

This new capability, built into the company's native phone app, promises to translate phone calls on the spot using artificial intelligence. As you speak during a call with someone speaking another language, both audio and text translations will appear in real-time.

Samsung is making big promises with live call translations on its next flagship phones. Plus, the company is touting its on-device AI tech to keep your chats under lock and key.

Live call translation is just the beginning for Samsung's Galaxy AI lineup. The company is gearing up to roll out more AI features on its products, giving Google a run for its money. The search giant has been busy squeezing AI into everything, even their Pixel 8 phone, but users are still eagerly awaiting that chatbot-powered Google Assistant.

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