Instagram's new Stories stickers let you turn your story into a music template

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What you need to know

  • Instagram introduced a slew of new stickers, including the "Add Yours Music" (AYM) sticker, which enables users to initiate public threads of their favorite songs in Stories.
  • The AYM sticker transforms your story into a music template, facilitating easy sharing of favorite songs with friends and allowing others to respond with their own tunes.
  • Instagram collaborates with Dua Lipa to promote her album "Radical Optimism" and showcase the new music sticker.

Instagram unveiled a bunch of new stickers on Friday (May 3), including an "Add Your Music" (AYM) sticker, that allows you to start public threads of your favorite songs in Stories.

The AYM sticker turns your story into a music template, making it super easy to share your favorite songs with friends, as per Instagram's announcement. Plus, it lets others reply to your Stories with their own tunes.

Instagram is teaming up with Dua Lipa to promote her new album, "Radical Optimism," and to showcase the new music sticker.

New Instagram stickers

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Besides the AYM sticker, the photo and video-sharing platform is also rolling out other fun stickers, such as Frames, Reveal, and Cutouts.

The Frames sticker transforms your photo into a Polaroid once you shake your phone. Doing this will reveal what's inside the sticker. The Reveal sticker lets you post a hidden story that followers can only see by sending you a DM.

Meanwhile, Cutouts lets you turn any photo or video from your camera roll into a custom sticker, adding flair to your stories and reels.

Like the "Add Yours" sticker introduced in 2021, this new interactive sticker allows users to create a content chain where each person adds their own Story.

The new sticker bears a resemblance to TikTok's "Duet" feature, where users can create content alongside an original video. However, Instagram's version has a slight twist: it gathers everyone's additional posts in the content chain in one place, unlike TikTok, which doesn't currently display all the duetted videos from an original TikTok in a single location.

To try out the new feature, just tap on the sticker tool in the top navigation bar when you're creating or uploading content for your Story. Then, pick the AYM sticker to kick off a public thread. Or, if you want to join a chain, simply tap on an AYM sticker and add your own Story to participate.

The feature encourages collaboration and helps you discover new people to follow. Tap the sticker in someone's Story to see everyone who's joined the thread and check out their Stories.

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