Play Store's AI-generated FAQs could arrive soon with an expandable card view

Google Play Store on OnePlus 9
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What you need to know

  • A dive into the latest Play Store version shows progress on Google's AI-generated FAQs for apps and games.
  • Users may find an "App FAQs" card when viewing apps and games, which includes three questions with answers to common questions a person may have.
  • It's currently assumed Google will roll this out "within the next couple of weeks."

A little more information has surfaced regarding Google's AI-generated FAQs for apps on the Play Store.

Version 39.1 of the Play Store seemingly makes the app's AI-based FAQs section more likely to come through. As TheSpAndroid has reportedly gotten it to work (via Android Authority). Nestled between the privacy information and reviews, it stated that users should see a new tap-able "App FAQs" card. After enabling the FAQ in the code, the following description pops up,"get frequently asked questions answered by Google AI."

Tapping "Show" will expand the card, displaying three questions and their respective answers. During the deep dive, SpAndroid only discovered the same three questions repeated in popular apps like Duolingo, Google Go, and more. The questions are as follows:

  • What do people like most about this app?
  •  What are the features of this app?
  • What is this app about?

Regarding the answers it solves, it looks like the AI will explain the features that it deems resonate with users the most in whatever app or game a person is looking up. Additionally, the very bottom of the expanded card informs users that the information they see is "Created by AI."

There is also a "Hide" button that will return the FAQ card to its original state before any interaction.

Despite needing to enable flags to make the AI-generated FAQs appear, the bulk of it is fairly done and polished. It's currently speculated that Google could roll this out onto the Play Store "within the next couple of weeks." We'll have to keep our eyes peeled and see.

Whispers of AI-backed FAQs arriving on the Play Store started back in November following version 38.4.12 of the app. Most of what we've continued to see has doubled down on those expectations of the option being offered on the details page of an app or a game. More importantly, the term "Google AI" is likely just a reference to Bard, which is likely where the answers come from.

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