The Google Play Store could bring AI-generated FAQs for apps

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What you need to know

  • A deep dive into version 38.4.12 of the Play Store shows signs of Google's plans to bring AI-generated FAQs.
  • These FAQs may be found within the details page of apps and games listed on the store.
  • A more constructive preview isn't available, however, it's assumed Google is leveraging Bard to do the heavy lifting.

Even more of Google's AI software could make its way into the Play Store, as a new discovery suggests.

According to The SpAndroid, a deep dive into the Play Store's 38.4.12 version unearthed various strings related to a new AI endeavor involving an FAQ section (via Android Police). Google appears to have plans to place these AI-created FAQ sections on the details page of "Apps & Games."

One string discovered in the APK teardown states users can "Get frequently asked questions answered by Google AI." So, it's currently assumed the company is piggybacking off the AI used to power Bard to progress with this potential new feature for the Play Store.

A few extra strings from the deep dive include:

  • Answers to FAQs
  • App FAQs
  • Game FAQs

Unfortunately, there isn't a solid preview of what these AI-powered FAQs might look like in the app. Moreover, SpAndroid adds that there are two more strings regarding the new feature that, when activated, do nothing.

This likely means Google is still pretty early on in its development, which means further versions of the Play Store may hold more to uncover.

While also still in development, Google's new "Cubes" app has a little more we can dig into and gain early glimpses of before its full release. The latest Play Store update shined a light on the app's purpose of being an app discovery hub for Google. Users can supposedly customize the various app categories so their main view displays the information and content that matters most to them.

Aside from what's to come, Google recently tightened the Play Store's rules for app developers. According to the company, developers will be required to test their apps with at least 20 individuals (bare minimum) for two weeks before they can officially publish it on the store.

Google sees this as a way of reducing the amount of "low-quality" apps users can often have the misfortune of encountering. There are also plans to roll out government official app badges on the Play Store in 2024.

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