Google Photos brings its powerful AI editing tools to everyone for free

Google Photos magic eraser tool being shown on the stage
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What you need to know

  • Google is expanding many of its AI features to all Google Photos users, without needing a subscription.
  • These features include Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, Portrait Light, and others.
  • Chromebook Plus machines will have access to these features, as well as Android 8+ and iOS 15+ devices.
  • The features will roll out on May 15, with Magic Editor expanding to all Pixel devices.

Google announced on Wednesday, April 10, that it is expanding its popular AI photo editing features in Google Photos. Not only will more users have access to certain features, but they will be able to use these features at no extra cost and without a subscription.

According to the company, these features include Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, Portrait Light, and more. These will work on Android phones running Android 8 and newer or iPhones running iOS 15 or higher, and devices must have 3GB or more. For Chromebook users, the features are limited to Chromebook Plus devices running ChromeOS 118 or higher.

Google Photos Magic Editor and Photo Unblur

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In addition to expanding these features across more devices, Magic Editor is set to expand beyond the Pixel 8 series, allowing "all Pixel devices" to make more complex edits. However, while these features are free for more users, the company will limit the number of Magic Editor saves they can make. Android and iOS users will only be able to make 10 of these saves per month unless subscribed to a 2TB or higher Google One plan, which will unlock unlimited saves. Pixel users will also automatically have unlimited saves.

For Magic Editor, Google's support page notes that "your device must have a 64-bit chipset with at least 4 GB RAM and Android 8.0 and up."

In 2023, Google surprisingly expanded the Pixel-exclusive Magic Eraser to more users through Google Photos, but the feature required a subscription if you didn't already own a Pixel phone. The fact that even more AI features will be available without a subscription is a welcome surprise.

Users can expect to see these features rolling out starting on May 15.

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