Fitbit's mandatory migration to Google accounts begins this summer

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What you need to know

  • Google announces the account merge with Fitbit will happen this summer.
  • New Fitbit users will have to register with a Google Account.
  • Users will have until 2025 to migrate their Fitbit data to their Google account.
  • Your Google account will be the only credential you'll need to access the Fitbit app, along with additional security controls and an unchanged experience.

Google is officially shedding some light on what users can expect with the Fitbit account migration. According to a Keyword post, Fitbit users can begin migrating their health and fitness data to their Google accounts this summer. The company is giving all Fitbit users until 2025 to merge their Fitbit account into their Google account.

Additionally, starting this summer, any new Fitbit users will have to register using a Google Account.

As the months heat up, users will begin seeing a "Fitbit is part of the Google family" splash page when opening the app. This'll begin the process of migrating all of your account details and bring about a few key features on Google's part. The first will bring the added convenience of only having one convenient login as users will use their Google account's password to get into Fitbit and access their data. Similarly, all of your information will be tied to your Google account.

With Fitbit accounts merging with Google, your account details will remain unchanged. The coming merge will contain your health and fitness history along with your wellness data.

Concern for your data's safety is understandable, and Google is trying to bring in some peace of mind. The company stated users will soon have a unified array of privacy controls, including the ability to manage all of their health and fitness data directly from the Google Privacy Center. Much like other apps that show up here, you will also see where you're currently logged in, as well.

Lastly, Google states that your health and wellness data obtained through Fitbit will not be used for ads.

Fitbit's migration to Google accounts detailed in a coming splash screen this summer.

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Google bought Fitbit in 2021 for $2.1 billion, and ever since then, the two have become closer and closer. That includes the introduction of the "Fitbit by Google" branding and the Pixel Watch launch, which is the first (and currently only) Wear OS smartwatch to feature Fitbit services.

Last year, Google announced that it would begin its Fitbit account migration "sometime in 2023," ahead of its 2025 deadline to move all accounts. More recently, we started seeing signs that Fitbit was preparing its users for the coming merge by alerting a few about the migration. That said, you still have a couple of years to move your data over.

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