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Gboard (Google Keyboard)

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"Gboard" — formerly known as Google Keyboard — is the keyboard developed internally by Google. It is the stock input method for Pixel and Nexus phones, but is also installed on many third-party devices from companies that do not develop their own keyboard.

The keyboard offers a few advanced features like robust emoji support and swiping input, as well as seamless integration to voice typing with Google's voice engine and switching to handwriting input if you choose to install its handwriting keyboard also. There are also advanced keyboard layouts that you can customize to fit your typing style, if that's your sort of thing.

Since rebranding to Gboard from Google Keyboard, the keyboard offers a new "G" button that brings Google Search right into the keyboard. With the tap of a button you can perform web searches that take the place of the keyboard in any app, and let you share the results of your search into the app as if you had typed them.


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Gboard now lets you use stickers and Bitmoji

Gboard lets you install sticker packs and use Bitmoji with latest update. The latest update to Gboard adds support for stickers and Bitmoji, giving you more ways to express yourself in conversations. Once you're on the latest version of Gboard, you'll see a tab for stickers in the emoji pane....

Google flexes machine learning muscles with new features for Gboard

Gboard update includes new enhancements to make typing and searching easier. Google has added some fun and helpful new features to Gboard, which highlight its latest machine learning capabilities. In a blog post, Google showed off a new doodle-search function for emojis, predictive phrase...
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Google dramatically improves support for Indian languages across Translate, Gboard and more

When the entire internet is in your language, the possibilities are endless. Google has long held a special focus on the technology needs of India, and is making a big step toward addressing the entire subcontinent with today's announcements of improved language support across multiple products....
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Gboard update adds a floating keyboard, cursor control, and GIF suggestions

Gboard is turning into the most feature-rich keyboard around. Gboard has picked up a significant update to version 6.2 that introduces a slew of new features. In one-handed mode, you now have the ability to resize and reposition the keyboard, allowing you to move the keyboard to a location where...

Gboard adds emoji and GIF suggestions, in-line Google Translate and new themes

Google's (still oddly named) Gboard keyboard is getting even smarter. The whole idea of Gboard is offering you access to tons of intelligence and Google services anywhere a keyboard is displayed, and today's updates show the real power of this platform. With the latest update on Android, Gboard...

You can now sign up for beta versions of Gboard and Google Play Services

Get the latest Gboard and Google Play Services features before everyone else. Google is now offering beta versions of Gboard and Google Play Services, allowing you to test out upcoming features before they're available to all users. Doing so is relatively straightforward — you have to head to...

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How to share GIFs and search for emoji in Gboard

Share the perfect GIF or emoji using Gboard for Android. Gboard (formerly Google Keyboard) is probably the best keyboard you can use for Android, and thankfully it is preinstalled on many handsets sold today, even those not made by Google. One of Gboard's best little-known features is the...
Google Gboard keyboard

Google Keyboard becomes Gboard, separates itself even further from SwiftKey

Beyond just a name change, the new Gboard offers even more features. Following the launch of the "Gboard" keyboard for iOS earlier this year, Google is now rebranding Google Keyboard on Android to the same Gboard moniker. At the same time, Google is adding several new features to both match...
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Google Keyboard gets custom theme options in latest update

After adding one-handed mode and the ability to adjust keyboard height in version 5.0, Google Keyboard is picking up an update to version 5.1 that brings custom themes. The update adds 15 themes in different colors, including black, red, green, blue, and more. You also have the option of...



Reader comments

Gboard (Google Keyboard)


Does it seem strange that my Sndroid device(s) doesn't come with this already installed? What is the default keyboard for Plain Jane Vanilla Android" It must come with one.

Can't save new words while typing. Previously used to get a "Add to Dictionary" button on the keyboard while typing a new word. For some reason, not getting that anymore. Not sure since when. Beats the entire utility of gesture typing.

It is a shame the way adding words to the dictionary was programmed in this keyboard. You only get the chance to add new words if the keyboard guesses the one you typed as wrong, and underline it in red. It would be really nice to have an option to delete words from it, and adding in advance (instead of waiting for the keyboard inform you that it does not recognise it).

If only Google Keyboard and SwiftKey would merge. I prefer Google's emoji panels over SwiftKey, and their simpler settings. SwiftKey's predictions are unmatched.

Had to uninstall this app from my S6 Edge it kept freezing and nothing other than a restart would sort it, very annoying!

Any chance they've added TAB and even basic cursor control? Otherwise it is pointless and I will have to stick with SwiftKey...Don't really need emoji, gifs, translations, etc. Just need some basic functionality. You would think that being able to TAB would be a higher priority for a keyboard than having it suggest gifs for you...