Anker's RoboVac 30 self-charging robot vacuum cleans your floors and is down to $230

Come on. Stop using regular old brooms and vacuums. It's time to move on. Move into the 21st century. Get the Anker Robovac 30 self-charging Wi-Fi robot vacuum cleaner on sale for $229.99 with code ROBOVAC30 on Amazon. This is one of Anker's older model vacuums that we have seen go on sale a few times, but it has been several months since it has dropped this low. The vacuum normally sells for around $300.

This isn't the only Anker robot vacuum on sale today, either. Grab the Eufy RoboVac 11S at a discounted price. It's down to $186 from a street price around $230.

It comes with BoostIQ, which is tech that lets it knows when it needs a little extra suction. It has Wi-Fi so you can control it from your phone. Other features include the ability to self charge when the battery is low, boundary strips, and more.

The RoboVac 30 has a clean time of around 100 minutes per charge and utilizes a BoostIQ technology to help increase suction power when it detects the extra power is needed. This model has an anti-scratch tempered glass top, infrared-sensors for avoiding obstacles, drop-sensing technology to avoid falling, and more. Unlike previous models, it comes with Boundary Strips so that you can have it only clean areas that you want. You can set up these strips around your home as needed to have the vacuum avoid cleaning those places. When the battery is running low, the vacuum will automatically return to the charging station.

John Levite
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