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There's been a lot of chatter about doubleTwist the past few days.  That will happen when you push out a desktop app and a on-device player to go along with it. I've spent the past couple days getting things ready for my HTC Evo, and setting up doubleTwist was one of them.  Hit the break for the run down and see if doubleTwist is something that might work for you too.

First things first -- you don't have to be using iTunes to use doubleTwist.  It's also a great solution for syncing all your DRM free media as well, which is what I've been doing with it.  It is a great solution for those locked in the icy clutches of iTunes though, and much better than abandoning all the media you payed for if you decide to dump your iThing :)

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Next a quick look at the desktop app again.  It's pretty self explanatory, especially if you're used to that other media syncing software.  Plug your phone into your computer (using Windows for an example here. Sadly, doubleTwist does not support Linux, and I'm just not a Mac kind of guy) and turn on mass storage mode.  DoubleTwist will load up and you'll see the easy to use interface.  We've already talked about how doubleTwist will search the Android Market, and as you can see there are very nice tools for syncing all your media, setting up playlists, podcast subscription management, and even a nice built in media player.  I'm gonna use the hell out of my Evo, especially as a media player, so I'm thankful to the developers of doubleTwist for getting this ready in time for the launch of the phone.

Enough of my yakking, have a look at some pics of the desktop app.

doubleTwist syncing

syncing your Android phone

doubleTwist user profile

doubleTwist user profile

doubleTwist music library

the doubleTwist music library

doubleTwist music player

the doubleTwist desktop media player

doubleTwist picture library

the doubleTwist image library

doubleTwist podcast search

doubleTwist podcast search

doubleTwist subscription managment

doubleTwist podcast subscription management

Once you have all this multimedia synced to your phone, doubleTwist has you covered with a nice app to play it all too.  The doubleTwist app looks great, plays all your media (IMO it's one of the best podcatcher style apps), and like the desktop app, is super easy to use.  Have a look at the pics below to see a preview on a Nexus One.

 doubleTwist video playlist

doubleTwist album listdoubleTwist artists list

doubleTwist app playlistsdoubleTwist songlists

doubleTwist now playingdoubleTwist podcast player

doubleTwist podcast list

doubleTwist video podcast player

engadget's video podcast on the doubleTwist for Android player

For the first version, this app kicks some serious butt.  I'm sure it will get better with time (and hopefully a nice widget will come along) but I've already replaced some other paid apps with this one, and have no reason to think I'll be going back.

DoubleTwist is free in the Android Market, and the desktop software is free as well.  Give it a try, I think you'll like it

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