We're back to bring you another round of our favorite Android applications. Find out what we like this week after the break.

Casey Chan - MLB At Bat 2010

mlb app

Spring is in the air, which means baseball season is right around the corner. And there's no better way to follow the Dodgers (or your baseball team) than with MLB At Bat 2010. You get to listen to audio broadcasts of every game, watch game highlights as they happen, view realtime box scores, and even track every pitch. Unfortunately, it doesn't stream live games, but even without live streams it's still worth every penny of its price tag. If you're a big baseball fan, you won't be disappointed. $14.99 | Market Link

Jerry Hildenbrand - cVolume


I've switched to cVolume for sound profiles and couldn't be happier. The app gives you access to all the volume sliders on your system, quick access to silent/vibrate/normal ringer modes, preset profile schemes and the ability to customize profiles to your liking. The app comes with two 1x1 widgets, one for sound on/off and one for ringer mode that toggles between normal vibrate or silent. Free (Market link) or ¥99 (about $1) donation version (Market link)

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Phil Nickinson - Droid Analytics

Droid Analytics

A must for anyone who keeps track of their Web site's traffic through Google Analytics. The app's easy-to-use UI gives you figures for page views, visits, visitors, pages-per-visit, bounce rate and time on site. You can view numbers daily, weekly, monthly or by year. € 0.99 (about $1.36)  (Market link)

Dieter Bohn - Robo Defense

 Robo Defense

While I wait for the One True Crossword app for Android, I've been playing and loving Robo Defense. It's your standard tower defense type of game, but there's a breadth of level designs and an addictive upgrade path that keeps me coming back. Free (Market link) or  $2.99 (Market link)

Mickey Papillon - Evernote

Evernote for Android

For someone who is constantly switching between devices and on the go, trying to remember when you did certain things can sometimes feel impossible. Evernote allows you to synchronize all sorts of content over the internet to a variety of platforms including the desktop, and of course your Android smartphone. The phone interface allows you to upload snapshots, audio recordings, text notes and other files that automatically syncs to the evernote servers. Free (Market link)

Jared DiPane - Bebbled


Often times I find myself with a couple minutes here and there to kill, and well since I always have my Droid with me, usually I end up pulling it out to play. I stumbled upon a rather addicting game in the marketplace called Bebbled, which is similar to the popular game Bejeweled. The game is rather simplistic, as you just have to match the colors, and pop the bubbles, but it's great in that you can play for just five minutes, or keep going for hours of fun. If you are looking for something to occupy a little of your spare time this game is well worth the download. Free (Market link)