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Ah, so, the Android Market. We meet again. What apps shall we pluck from the depths this week? Join us after the break for a look off the beaten path. Apps that might not get the attention they deserve, deserve attention nonetheless.

Alex Dobie - PdaNet 3.02 (free)


When you're on the road, the ability to tether your phone to a laptop or netbook can be invaluable. But due to carrier or software restrictions, this isn't possible on every Android device right out of the box. And some users still experience problems using Android's native tethering abilities with certain carriers, even if the service isn't blocked at the software level.

PdaNet gracefully side-steps many of the issues associated with tethering, offering the ability to share your phone's data connection via USB or Bluetooth. The Bluetooth option can have you up and running in seconds -- simply pair your phone with your laptop, hit "Enable Bluetooth DUN" and follow the instructions. USB tethering requires a little more groundwork, as you'll need to install the PdaNet client on your PC or Mac first, but once you've done that, everything works without a hitch. PdaNet 3.02 is available for free on the Android Market.

Jason Bauman - HoneyCream Smoked Theme ($1.40)

HoneyCream Smoked Theme

The ADW launcher is one of my favorite applications on my phone.  Between it and the theme engine in CM7, I can make my phone look however I want it to.

Recently, I wanted to go with more of a steampunk/bronzed theme on my phone to match my new clock widget, and settled on HoneyCream Smoked theme by the developer Rori, who also makes the Honeycream CM7 theme. Most applications are stylized with rich gold tones, with a few notable exceptions (such as Doggcatcher).

Like other themes, this requires ADW or ADW.EX to work properly (though the icons should work with Launcher Pro).  It doesn't have a high score list, or super flashy design elements, but I spend a lot of time on the home screen of my phone, and this makes it look good.

Richard Devine - Stair Dismount (free)

Stair Dismount

While we're starting to see some top quality games on Android, sometimes all you want is something simple, quick to pick up and ultimately satisfying.

Stair Dismount fits into all those categories for me. The idea is to throw your ragdoll, or android doll, down various stairs with the aim of causing as much damage as possible. After a long hard day at work this is strangely stress relieving.

It's free to download, although there are additional paid levels.You can also decorate "Mr Dismount" with photos of friends and family to share on the usual social networks.

So who's going to get thrown down some stairs then?

Sean Brunett - MyAppSharer (free)


MyAppSharer makes it easy to share the apps you like with friends and family. You can share either the link or the APK in a variety of ways: Gmail, Bluetooth, What’s App, Dropbox, etc..

One note though: make sure you are allowed to distribute the app before you share it (paid apps and the like). You don’t want to be ripping off a good developer.

Highly recommend MyAppSharer, I’ve shared direct APKs to a number of friends and it’s been really simple on both ends.

Anndrew Vacca - Dragon, Fly! (free)

Dragon, Fly!

Dragon, Fly! is an addictive game for the gaming impaired that has a simple premise and an even simpler strategy.

The goal is to move your dragon along by utilizing the terrain's natural slants and slopes, speeding up your dragon using a one finger touch. If you slow your dragon down by mistiming the hills, you'll be caught by the "mother dragon," who will send you packing back to the nest. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, and I won't lie, it is pretty ridiculous. But it's fun, it's cheap, and it looks really nice on both phones and tablets.

It's no Madden 2012, but for those of us who don't even know what Madden 2012 is, it'll suffice.