We know you love apps, and part of what makes us the best Android site around is that we love to share our favorite apps with you each week. This week we got a whole lot for you, so grab a snack, and a drink, and hit the break as we check out some of our favorites yet again!

Kevin O'Quinn - Zombieville USA ($1.99)

I'm not usually into zombie themed games, but this one caught my eye and I've been hooked on it. It's a simple side scrolling game. You pick a character at the beginning (my favorite is the ninja) and walk ZombieVillethrough towns slashing and shooting zombies. You start off with a simple baseball bat and pistol, but as you progress you earn money. In between stages you have the option to upgrade your weapons and replenish your health (which also costs money, but it's minimal). Some of the weapons include a rocket launcher, automatic shotgun, and a laser cannon (think flamethrower but with a laser instead). The levels get progressively harder as you go on and the zombies get tougher, too. The game occasionally throws you a bone and puts a vehicle at the beginning of the stage that'll run over all zombies and drive you through that level.

It doesn't have anything cool like 3D graphics, but the visuals are really good and the game has a good amount of polish to it. I haven't experienced any FC's or problems so far. You can get Zombieville USA in the market for $1.99. [Market Link]

Sean Brunett - Rugby World Cup 2011 (Free)

RugbyThe Rugby World Cup starts this week and is accompanied by an official Android app that will help keep you updated while you’re on-the-go. Official Rugby World Cup 2011 allows you to access live scores, commentary, stats, videos and stadium maps as well as highlights of games past. It also has a Fan Zone section, which will alert you of nearby events should you find yourself in New Zealand. The app comes not only in English, but French and Spanish as well. It is the perfect compliment to the Rugby World Cup and is a must for any rugby fan.

Go Kiwis! [Market Link]

Richard Devine - Hotels.com (Free)

If you do a lot of travelling like me, then sometimes the ability to find a hotel at short notice is vital. For Hotelsthese situations,I turn to hotels.com

I've been using the site for years, but having access to a native application on my phone is invaluable to me. You get all the same features as the website, such as refining search by a number of categories with the added bonus of being able to search using your current gps location. You also get the same level of detail and photos that you would get on the site. Nothing has been watered down for the transition into mobile. The application is available in both the UK and USA android markets, adjusting to suit location in each. [Market Link]

Anndrew Vacca - Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition ($30/year)

I'm not one to buy into the "malware on my smartphone can see what I'm doing" hype, as I am usually pretty careful about the apps I download and the links I click. That being said, I don't see any reason not Trendto give Trend Micro's latest Android security suite a 30 day free trial. In addition to the parental controls, safe surfing, and download protection already offered by TM's Mobile Security for Android, Personal Edition adds an app scanner to block "infected apps" from stealing your information.

In addition, TM now offers lost device protection, which allows you to locate your misplaced or stolen device from an online portal. Personal Edition also enhances call, text and surf security by blocking unwanted calls, texts, and questionable websites. I didn't notice any slowdown in my Thunderbolt's performance with the app running in the background, but if you do, remember that it's free for 30 days and, like any other app, can be uninstalled with the click of a button. I don't know whether I'll fork over $30 at the end of my trial, but if malware keeps you up at night, I'd say it's a small price to pay for peace of mind. [Market Link]

Alex Dobie - The Trainline (Free)

If you travel by rail at all in the UK, then the ability to check train times and plan journeys on the go can be really useful. Sure, there are websites that allow you to do this, but many of them run slowly over 3G, and Trainlinemost are poorly optimized for mobile browsers. Ticket vendor TheTrainline.com has stepped in to make this process a whole lot easier. In addition to checking arrival and departure times, the official TheTrainline.com Android app lets you purchase tickets for collection at the station, or home delivery at a later date. There's even a virtual ticket wallet, which allows you to keep track of all your purchases from within the app -- a handy alternative to fumbling around in your pocket.

TheTrainline.com app is available for free from the Android Market for devices running Android 1.6 and above. [Market Link]

Chris Parsons - Pocket Blu (Free)

PocketBluHaving just picked up Scarface on bluray recently I figured that was as good time as any to go ahead and give the Pocket Blu app a go. When you purchase a blue ray, if it's supported by Pocket Blu you're offered some additional content that can be made use of on your Android device, in addition to that you're also able to use Pocket Blu as a remote for your PS3 and various other blu ray players where supported. If you're looking to get the most out of your blu ray purchase, give Pocket Blu a look. It's available in the Android Market now for free. [Market Link]

Joshua Munoz - Gigbeat (Free)

Android Central 

Living in the Live Music Capital of the World, I always want to be on top of who is coming to town to Gigbeatplay a gig. Normally this required checking out various sources and talking to people who're more on top of it than me, but I think I've finally figured it out with Gigbeat. Gigbeat lets you add artists to track, and if they're on tour, it'll tell you when and where they'll be, so you can be ready. Gigbeat will also scan your music library and auto-add artists, if that's your thing, but in case you just have to hear someone not in your library, you can manually add, too. With reminders and starred concerts, Gigbeat is the ultimate concert-finding wingman. Plus, it's free. [Market Link]

Jerry Hildenbrand - Talking Tom Cat (Free / 99cents)

Talking Tom Cat is strictly for times when you want to goof off and just have some fun with your Android phone. Tom is your virtual buddy, who not only will repeat everything you say in his own voice (yes, Talking Catrecording is built into the app and it exports as an .mp4 file), but you can pet him or give him some milk to make him happy, or if you're like me you can poke him and pull his tail like you would do to a real cat. (KIDDING!). It's silly. It's pointless. It's not educational in the least. But it's fun as hell. You can get it free in the Market, or if you spring for the paid version (do it, it's only a buck!) you get to watch Tom play with things like cymbals, a parakeet, or even drag his claws across your screen. Just don't blame me when you find yourself singing songs with dirty lyrics to your phone so Tom can sing it back to you -- and you will. Talking Tom Cat runs on any Android device with Android 1.5 or higher, and is probably the best buck I've ever spent.  [Market Link]