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Your weekly fix, a day late. Let's hit the break together and take a look at some of our favorite applications from this week, and be sure to sound off in the comments and let us know some of your favorites!

Richard Devine - ChuChu Rocket (£0.69)

ChuChu Rocket

Who out there remembers the Sega Dreamcast? I loved mine, and one of the first games I had with it was ChuChu Rocket. Now, with the release of an android version of the game, I can, and do, play it everywhere.

SegaFor anyone not familiar, it's a puzzle game where the basic premise is to get the ChuChus into their rocket around various obstacles. This includes cats who love to eat the little ChuChus! There's loads of different levels, some infuriatingly difficult but so addictive at the same time. Controls are simple and have been well optimised for touch controls. Placing the directional arrows requires nothing more than a swipe in the relevant direction.

The only downside is that I remember how much the Dreamcast version cost, when you consider the price of this app! [Market Link]

Chris Parsons - Tiny Tower (Free)

Tiny Tower

TinyTowerI love this game...but I honestly don't know why. It's pretty mindless entertainment, you get to be the Donald Trump of the Pixel World and build Towers for which you then must populate with 'bitizens' so that you may earn profit to create more towers with stores, restaurants and more. As I mentioned, it is pretty mindless entertainment. You don't need to constantly keep going in the game or be overly mindful of what you're doing but it's cool to see how big your towers can get. [Market Link]

Jerry Hildenbrand - mSecure ($6.99)


Android phones are like tiny pocket computers, which means you're likely to be logging into some sites that need password protection.  I'm the type of person who uses a unique strong password for every login, so mSecure was a perfect fit for me.  Using 256bit blowfish mSecureencryption, and a master password to lock the app down tight means nobody is going to get access to my logins if I lose my phone, and having everything in one place is always easier.  mSecure allows me to enter my username, then select and copy the password to paste in the login window, and presents everything in easy to navigate categories or alphabetically. 

With the latest version comes secure cloud sync, which uses Dropbox to sync the same password database between multiple phones, which makes life easier if you are constantly switching things around.  mSecure runs on Android devices with 1.6 and up and while it's a bit pricey at $10, but for now it's on sale for $6.99, which to me is a small price to pay for the convenience it offers. [Market Link]

Jared DiPane - Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park Album ($9.49)

Android Central

Mac MillerWith the recent addition of music and more to the Android market it would only fit that we expand our recommendations beyond just applications, right? Well one of my personal favorite artists, Mac Miller, recently dropped a huge album titled Blue Slide Park. If you are like me and love music, and love listening to new tunes, be sure to check this out. Sure, it won't be for everyone, but give it a shot, you won't know until you give it a listen. [Market Link]