Android Central Editors' App Picks

We're back with our favorite Android app picks of the week. Included are an RSS reader, one of them newfangled jewel games, an airport landing game, an essential calendar widget and a way to watch your favorite live webcasts right from your phone. Check 'em out after the break!

Adam Sawyer - FeedR News Reader

FeedR for Android

I had a hard time finding a News Reader that had all the options that I wanted.  Luckily I found this little gem of an app, and I haven't missed an important story yet!  FeedR is a very simple, yet highly effective, RSS feed program that even has a built-in search, which really helps you save some time.  You can also adjust the settings to automatically update the feed at different intervals, and is one of the only RSS apps I've found that will effectively sync with your Google Reader.  Oh, and the widget is easy on the eyes, too. 99 cents [Market linkApp Brain]

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Jerry Hildenbrand - Jewellust

Jewellust - Android

For me, a game that stays installed on my phone needs to do two things -- be entertaining in short bursts, and offer nice simple gameplay. Jewellust fits the bill. It's the typical jewel matching game, get three (or more) of the same colored jewels in a row and they disappear. The bonuses for larger matches keep things interesting and the pace quick, and the whole game has an ancient Egyptian theme. You're also able to save and return to your game in mid level, which makes it perfect for quick entertainment during those times when your fingers need something to do. The full version costs $2.95 [Market linkApp Brain]  and there's a lite version that's free. [Market linkApp Brain]

Ali Fazel - Air Control

Air Control

Air Control is a fun little game that lets you relieve stress by stepping into the high-stress shoes of an air traffic controller. Guide large jets and smaller planes and helicopters to their respective landing positions with your finger without causing any collisions. The game starts off easy, and then gets more difficult as more aircraft appear on the screen.The game continues until you allow a mid-air collision, and then it's lights out for you (and the poor hapless passengers). Free [Market link | App Brain] and 97-cent pay version [Market linkApp Brain]

Jared DiPane - Pure Calendar Widget

Pure Calendar Widget - Android

I'll be the first to admit, I can be rather forgetful at times. I tend to take on a lot of tasks, and at times, I lose track of what I need to do, or have trouble thinking where to begin. While looking for ways to keep myself organized, I stumbled upon Pure Calendar Widget, which is a great widget that helps keep me organized while on the go. I am able to add, edit or delete events from my Google Calendar, and have them displayed very nicely on the screen in a variety of widget sizes. As many of you have seen, I love me some nice crisp wallpapers, and I love that this widget can be skinned in a variety of different variations, making it easier to match it to my wallpaper of the day. ~$1.50 [Market linkApp Brain]

Phil Nickinson - UStream viewer

UStream Viewer

OK, so this one's a little self-serving, but it's also very cool. With the UStream viewer app, you can keep up with your favorite live webcasts directly on your Android phone. And that includes the Android Central Podcast (live Thursday nights at 9 p.m. EDT/6 p.m. PDT). Just fire it up, and browser the categories or set a filter to find your favorite live webcast (you know, like the Android Central Podcast, live Thursday nights at 9 p.m. EDT/6 p.m. PDT). Free. [Market linkApp Brain]